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Mitchell B25J (for 3D Studio Max)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: DigimationModelBank
Downloadable File Size: 1.85 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: 60000
Uploaded on: 9/17/07
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, 3D Studio Max
File Format: 3D Studio Max
   This product contains: max, and/ or prj files.
Texturing: Combination
   This product uses a combination of image maps and procedural shaders for textures.
Note: since this product uses procedural textures, it may not work correctly in programs other the one listed above.
Readme File: Click Here
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Product Description
The North American B-25 Mitchell (NA-62) was an American twin-engined medium bomber manufactured by North American Aviation. It was used with devastating effect against German and Japanese targets in every combat theater of World War II. The aircraft was named the "Mitchell" in honor of General Billy Mitchell, an early air power pioneer and advocate of an independent United States Air Force. The B-25 Mitchell is the only American military aircraft named after a specific person. By the end of its production, nearly 10,000 B-25s in numerous models had been built. These included a few limited variations, such as the US Navy`s PBJ-1 patrol bomber and the Army Air Forces` F-10 photo reconnaissance aircraft.

The B-25 first gained fame as the bomber used in the April 1942 Doolittle Raid, in which 16 B-25Bs, led by the legendary Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle, took off from the carrier USS Hornet and successfully bombed Tokyo and four other Japanese cities without loss to themselves. However, 15 of the planes subsequently crash-landed in Eastern China en route to their recovery fields in that country. These losses were the result of fuel exhaustion, stormy nighttime conditions with zero visibility, and the lack of electronic homing aids at the recovery bases. Only one B-25B landed intact; it came down in the Soviet Union, where its five-man crew was interned and the aircraft confiscated. Fortunately, 71 of the 80 Doolittle Raid crewmen survived their historic mission and eventually made it back to American lines.

Although the B-25 was originally designed to bomb from medium altitudes in level flight, it was used frequently in the Southwest Pacific theater (SWPA) on treetop-level strafing and parafrag (parachute-retarded fragmentation bombs) missions against Japanese airfields in New Guinea and the Philippines.

Because of the urgent need for hard-hitting strafer aircraft, a version of the B-25 dubbed the B-25G was developed, in which the standard-length transparent nose and the bombardier were replaced by a shorter, solid nose containing two fixed .50-calibre machine guns and a 75 mm M4 cannon. The latter was the largest caliber weapon used in an American bomber of the time. Company promotional material bragged that the B-25H could "bring to bear ten machine guns coming and four going, in addition to the 75mm cannon, a brace of eight rockets and 3000 pounds of bombs." Fourteen hundred B-25Gs and B-25Hs were built.

On Saturday, 28 July 1945, at 9:49 am (while flying in thick fog), a B-25D crashed into the north side of Empire State Building, hitting between the 79th and 80th floor. Fourteen people were killed - 11 in the building, along with Colonel William Smith and the other two occupants of the plane.

The model is rigged for animation, and the product contains four detailed and textured resolutions of the model.

This model is a 3DMax model, saved in version 8 as a MAX file, and requires 3DMax. It does not include any other formats to allow it to be opened in any other software. The model is rigged where appropriate, and mapped and textured.

This product is no longer available for sale.
If you need to re-download a previous purchase, please Contact Us and we will be happy to provide a new download link.

Additional Product Images
Mitchell B25J (for 3D Studio Max) Mitchell B25J (for 3D Studio Max) 

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