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Earth Shuttle (for Vue)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: JHoagland
Downloadable File Size: 2.96 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: 36048
Uploaded on: 5/13/10
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Vue 6 or higher
File Format: Vue d`Esprit
   This product contains: vob and/ or vue files.
Texturing: Combination
   This product uses a combination of image maps and procedural shaders for textures.
Note: since this product uses procedural textures, it may not work correctly in programs other the one listed above.
Readme File: Click Here
How do I download my purchase?
Vue d`Esprit

This product has an interactive/ WebGL model available for viewing.

Product Description
This is the main shuttlecraft of the NST Catalan, from the TV series Star Quest.

This shuttlecraft has seating for eight people (2 crew members and 6 passengers). The seats can be removed or reconfigured for extra storage space, depending on the needs of the mission.

While working on the TV show, the writers had to come up with new and inventive ways to use the shuttlecraft since viewers were becoming more savvy and would frequently ask why the crew simply didn`t teleport to the planet`s surface. This was usually solved by having one of the crew members say something about how the teleporters were under repair.

.: Product Features :.

One Vue (.vob) file.
Right and left doors are sub-parts which can be opened or closed
All seats are separate parts, which means they can be rotated or repositioned to suit the needs of your scene.
-One set of 1024x1024 texture maps
-One set of 1024x1024 bump maps (for some surfaces)
-Templates to make your own textures (in gif format)
Materials have been optimized for use in Vue: includes bumpiness, reflection, and additional metallic coloring.

From the upcoming graphic novel, Beyond the Farthest Star, this is the shuttlecraft which takes Jill Brady from the Earth station to the NST Catalan.


WebGL Preview provided by SketchFab

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