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American High School (for Vue)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: JHoagland
Created By: mrsparky
Downloadable File Size: 9.26 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: 57600
Uploaded on: 6/27/12
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Vue 5 or higher
File Format: Vue d`Esprit
   This product contains: vob and/ or vue files.
Texturing: Combination
   This product uses a combination of image maps and procedural shaders for textures.
Note: since this product uses procedural textures, it may not work correctly in programs other the one listed above.
Readme File: Click Here
How do I download my purchase?
Vue d`Esprit

This product has an interactive/ WebGL model available for viewing.

Product Description
Originally commissioned by MJ007, and based on real world buildings and references, here`s an American style High School. This model also makes for a nice office block.

.: Product Features :.

Two Vue (vob) objects.
School Building, at 56,811 polygons:
-Includes separate groups for: front doors, rear doors, side doors, windows 01A to 14A, and vents on the roof.
-All parts have had their joint centers set for easier animating.
-Three texture variants are included, at 1024x1024 pixels.
School Room, at 864 polygons:
-Scaled to fit within the rooms of the school building.
-All three desks, all three chairs, and the garbage can are separate groups which can be moved or rotated to suit the needs of your scene.
-All parts have had their joint centers set for easier animating.
-One texture set is included, at 1024x1024 pixels.


WebGL Preview provided by SketchFab

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Additional Product Images
American High School (for Vue) American High School (for Vue) American High School (for Vue)

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