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F 15E Strike Eagle (for Poser)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: DigimationModelBank and JHoagland
Downloadable File Size: 4.17 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: 102326
Uploaded on: 2/4/13
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Poser 5 and above
File Format: Poser
   This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
Texturing: Texture Maps
   This product uses image maps for textures.
Readme File: Click Here
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Product Description
The F-15E Strike Eagle is a modern United States all-weather strike fighter, designed for long-range interdiction of enemy ground targets deep behind enemy lines. A derivative of the F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter, the Strike Eagle proved its worth in Desert Storm, carrying out deep strikes against high-value targets and providing close air support for coalition troops. The F-15E Strike Eagle can be distinguished from the F-15 Eagle by its darker camouflage and the presence of the conformal fuel tanks attached to the aircraft`s fuselage.

The F-15E`s deep strike mission is a radical departure from that of the F-15, since it was designed as an air superiority fighter under the mantra "not a pound for air-to-ground". The basic airframe, however, proved versatile enough to produce a very capable strike fighter. While designed for ground attack, it retains much of the air-to-air lethality of the F-15, and can defend itself against enemy aircraft.

The targeting pod contains a laser designator and a tracking system that mark an enemy for destruction as far away as 10 mi (16 km). Once tracking has been started, targeting information is automatically handed off to infrared air-to-surface missiles or laser-guided bombs.

For air-to-ground missions, the F-15E can carry most weapons in the U.S. Air Force inventory. It also can be armed with AIM-9 Sidewinders, AIM-7 Sparrow and AIM-120 AMRAAMs for the air-to-air role. Like the F-15, the Strike Eagle also carries an internally mounted General Electric M61A1 20 mm cannon.

.: Product Features :.

Poser figure: obj, cr2/ png, with 102,326 polygons
Canopy can open and close (with an ERC dial on the BODY).
Tail rudders can rotate (with an ERC dial on the BODY).

Landing gear can open/ close.
Landing gear doors can open/ close.
-One ERC dial on the BODY controls both the landing gear and landing gear doors.
Landing gear wheels can rotate (with an ERC dial on the BODY).
The fuel pylon/ tank is a separate part which can be hidden or shown to suit the needs of your scene.
Two sets of left and right wing flaps on the main wings can rotate up and down.
-An ERC dial on the BODY raises or lowers both flaps.
-A second ERC dial on the BODY raises or lowers the flaps opposite each other for banking turns.
The Right and left control sticks can rotate forward/ back and left/ right.

.: Textures :.

One set of textures and bump maps, at approx 1280x960 pixels
Texture templates are included

Uses Poser shaders such as blinn and reflection for the tires and metal materials.

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Additional Product Images
F 15E Strike Eagle (for Poser) F 15E Strike Eagle (for Poser) F 15E Strike Eagle (for Poser)
F 15E Strike Eagle (for Poser) F 15E Strike Eagle (for Poser) 

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