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Free Item: Wildhog and Warthog Macross Repaints Set #1


Artist: theschell
Added on: 6/15/16
Category: Robotech
File Size: 18940 k
File Format: Poser
   This item contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
•This item has been downloaded 590 times.
•Recommended for use with the YF-35 Warthog VGF (for Poser) product.
This Set includes Fan textures and Poser/Daz Mat Poses (Pz2 format) to re-paint my YF-35 Warthog, and AVF-35-J Wildhog Variable Fighters to match famous Macross Veritechs. Included are textures for Skull Squadron (Roy Fokker), Vermillion Squadron (Hikaru Ichijyo), and the Opening Title Custom VF from the Macross/Robotech Opening Title sequence. Also included are matching mat poses for the Dummy Pilot Figures for each set.

As these are Fan repaints, commercial use is not allowed without prior permission from the creators of Macross/Robotech and all credit is due to the Studios/ Artists responsible for the creation of the shows and movies. No violation of copyright is intended and these textures are supplied for Fan use only.

Mat Poses Included in this set:
1) Macross Title Custom for AVF-35 Wildhog
2) Macross Title Custom for YF-35 Warthog
3) Macross Title Custom Pilots for both fighters

4) Skull Squadron for AVF-35 Wildhog
5) Skull Squadron for YF-35 Warthog
6) Skull Squadron Pilots for both fighters

7) Vermillion Squadron for AVF-35 Wildhog
8) Vermillion Squadron for YF-35 Warthog
9) Vermillion Squadron Pilots for both fighters

10) UN Spacy for AVF-35 LEO Boosters
11) UN Spacy for YF-35 LEO Boosters
12) UN Spacy for AVF-35 Assault Boosters
13) UN Spacy for YF-35 ELINT Boosters
14) UN Spacy for ETO Booster
15) UN Spacy for AVF-35 Gun Pod
16) UN Spacy for YF-35 Gun Pod

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