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Free Item: Sathar


Artist: Dodger
Added on: 5/31/19
Category: Star Frontiers
File Size: 31065 k
File Format: Poser
   This item contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
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Sathar are long, worm-like creatures. Their bodies are internally divided into segments, like an earthworm`s. They do not have a skeleton. Instead, they support their bodies hydrostatically, by pumping liquid into the segments and other internal vacuoles, so that they become hard, with muscles pulling against these firmed sacs. A shiny, clear slime coats their skin. Scientists believe they are warm-blooded, but no live specimen has ever been studied.

Almost nothing is known about Sathar society. They have tried to kill every alien creature they have met in the Frontier, usually with alarming success. No one knows why the Sathar attack so viciously or what they hope to gain. All attempts to contact the Sathar peacefully have failed.

No Sathar has ever been captured alive, because they kill themselves before they can be taken. In one case, an entire Sathar ship self-destructed to avoid being captured. Freeze fields have been applied to several dead Sathar in an attempt to have them revived, but biologists have not been able to find a revival technique that works on them.

Scientists have proposed several theories, based on reports from observers. The most widely accepted was written by Gdtlask Gltak, a Vrusk sociologist. Gltak`s theory states that all Sathar belong to military units called cadres. The markings on the back of the Sathar`s head identify its cadre. Each cadre trains its members as soldiers from the time they are born. Gltak theorises that Sathar attack alien worlds because their military society would fall apart if there was no enemy to fight.

(UPF Citizens are warned that this is only a theory, or, if Gltak has sources, they have not been revealed. Until a Sathar is captured alive, their true motivation will not be known.)

(Includes Star Frontiers laser rifle.)

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