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Sales Image Guidelines

The main objective of any sales image is to inspire the customer to purchase the product. When you are designing your images, ask yourself if the image would convince a potential customer to purchase your product. Granted, some images (such as showing the product against a white background) are meant to show the product's detail, but these images should be balanced with more colorful, artistic images.
The only text on any image should be titles. The text must be discrete and not overpower the image. No directional arrows or other graphical pointers are allowed on the image. You are encouraged to make a note of other products used in your image (see below).
For a good example of allowable text, please see the sales images for the Coalville Store #1.
Your product should be the main focus of your artwork. Remember, it is your product you are selling, not someone else's.
If you use another item in your scene, make sure you're prepared to answer people's questions about what it is and where you got it. However, if too many viewers ask about the item instead of your product, then you may have failed in your objective of selling your product with your sales image.
Post-work is permitted for any product; however, excessive post-work is not allowed if it dramatically alters the color or appearance of your product.
You may use any background which enhances the look of your product.
Nudity and Violence:
At this time, we do not allow nudity of any kind on any sales images or thumbnails. If you are selling a character or texture pack which requires a nude image, please use discretion when showing off your product.
Images with graphic or extreme violence are also not allowed.
File Types:
JPG: When using JPG files, please use some compression to reduce the file size. As you increase the compression, the file size will decrease... but the quality of the image will also decrease. Usually, a setting of "85% Quality" will lower the file size and still keep the image sharp.
GIF: When using GIF images, you may want to consider placing a rounded border around the image. If you do this, you have the added option of removing the color outside the border and saving the image as a transparent gif. Please do not use animated gifs as your sales images.
Other Media: If you would like to use animation to show off your product, please contact use and we'll be happy to add an avi or other media file to your product's detail page. The animation will be uploaded to YouTube and will be "embedded" in the product description page. This gives you the additional option of promoting your animation at YouTube.

Here are some approaches to making sales images:
Tell a Story
Arrange your product with other items to tell a one-page story. Though the "story" could simply be "Some people are standing at a train station."
This kind of image shows your product in a photo-realistic setting.
This kind of image is good for showing the mesh of your model or to color-code the moving parts.


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