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JCH Digital Designs
JCH Digital Designs- your online source for Poser 4 goodies, including: tutorials, textures, characters, and more.
Sparkyworld - for free 3d downloads, affordable website design,and much more

Poser Pro
Poser Pro
3D Sites and Resources

3D Creative Magazine
2D Artist Magazine
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Power By Ringsurf
Free 3D Models for Designers
Mooncraft 3D Art - 3D Fan Art and 3D Resources
DAZ Studio 4 - Create 3D Art for Free
Digital Art/ Industry Convention Sites


Hosted at the Orlando Science Center, "OTRONICON is a 10-day event that will celebrate the science, art, careers, culture and fun of videogames and simulation through games, competitions, workshops, seminars, displays and much more. "
Professional Artwork Sites

NY Arts Magazine

NY Arts Magazine is "the fastest growing arts monthly in the U.S.", with a monthly readership of over 65,000. Their magazine is available at over 2,000 US and international locations.

Art is a large artist community where fellow artists can interact with other people that share their same love of art.
Digital Artwork Sites

Gravitywell Productions
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