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VP Gas Station (for Poser)
VP Coffee Shop (for Poser)
Shanty Town Buildings 1: Set 1 (for Poser)
Stonehenge (for Wavefront OBJ)
Low Polygon Medieval Buildings Pack (for Poser)
Desert Town (for Vue)
Neuschwanstein Castle (for Poser)

Need a digital model to help sell your new building design? Do you need a realistic rendition of an existing building or new construction? No job is too complicated for Vanishing Point. Building design professionals trust us to develop genuine prototypes of their designs for presentation and/or display. So, whether you want an authentic replica of Stonehenge, the capital building, the Eiffel Tower, or an entire town, we can create it!

Our architecture models include numerous easy-to-use features, which means you spend less time setting up your scene and more time animating:
• Doors can open and close.
• Building exteriors can be changed to brick, metal, wood, or any other color your project requires.
• Purchase the models separately or combine them with cars, trees, people, or other models.
• All models are available in multiple formats for use in many software applications. If we don't have a model in your format, let us know!


Restaurants, Cafes, and Diners




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