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F 14 Tomcat (for Poser)
F 15E Strike Eagle (for Wavefront OBJ)
YF-35 Warthog VGF (for Poser)
B-1B Bomber (for Poser)
SR-71 (for Poser)
Elysium ST-7A (for Poser)
Super Sabre (for Wavefront obj)

At Vanishing Point, we strive to make the most realistic, rigged military models. From tanks to aircraft to helicopters to ships, let us show you how our models can help your project. Even experts have difficulty distinguishing our models from their authentic counterparts. You'll agree our models are great for the defence industry, modelling, and simulation.
Our models include numerous easy-to-use features, which means you spend less time setting up your scene and more time animating:
• Aircraft with rigged flaps, rudder, and landing gear.
• Tanks with rigged treads.
• Interior sets with hide-able walls and moving doors.
• Weapons with easy-to-animate shells, bullets, triggers, and other parts.
• Models can be customized for your specific unit markings, symbols, or squadron insignia.
• All models are available in multiple formats for use in many software applications. If we don't have a model in your format, let us know!
Don't see a model in our inventory that suits your needs? We can help!
We're happy to adjust an existing model to your specifications, whether it's re-coloring the exterior or exporting the model to another format.
Or, better yet, let us custom-build something specific to your project. Our service includes the option for you to keep all the ownership rights to the model. This means you can do whatever you want with the model: put it in your game, sell it, or give it away for free.
Feel free to fill out our Online Quote form or Contact Us for a free consultation about how we can provide you with the models to make your project the best it can be. We're here for any size projects or any size budgets.



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