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Ju-87 Stuka (for Poser)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: mrsparky
Created By: theschell
Downloadable File Size: 7.14 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: N/A
Uploaded on: 3/16/13
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Poser 5 or above
File Format: Poser
   This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
Texturing: Texture Maps
   This product uses image maps for textures.
Readme File: Click Here
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Product Description
Like the P-51, Spitfire, and Hawker Hurricane, the Stuka’s distinctive bent wing and screaming siren has become a symbol of the WW2 era. Most well known for it’s roll in the Blitzkreig and the Battle of Britian, the Ju-87 served in various forms and roles through-out the course of the war.

The version I have modeled here first flew on the Eastern Front operationally in April of 1943. It was designed to carry 2 x 37mm flak cannon modified to be mounted in under-wing pods, and a 1000kg (2000lb) bomb load for anti-armour service against Russian tanks. It continued in the ground attack role well after it’s usefulness had run out in other types of operation, and it excelled as a ground attack craft. Over 200 of this variant were built and it served faithfully through till the end of the war. It’s influence can even be seen in modern aircraft like the A-10 Tank-buster! For more on the Ju-87 Stuka go to…

Included conforming figure add-ons:
1 pair of conforming external gun pods is included. These "gun pods" conform to the Stuka…
1 conforming prop blur prop to add a sense of motion to the aircraft in flight.
1 conforming and fully pose able 551lb bomb with functional bomb sling, which allows the bomb to be swung down from the belly of the aircraft during a dive-bombing run.

All flight control surfaces, rudder, landing gear, and moveable parts can be accessed in the scene tree for the skeleton of the Stuka.

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Additional Product Images
Ju-87 Stuka (for Poser) Ju-87 Stuka (for Poser) Ju-87 Stuka (for Poser)
Ju-87 Stuka (for Poser)  

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