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Mountain Rail Scenery (for Poser)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: wolmol
Downloadable File Size: 61.06 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: N/A
Uploaded on: 10/25/17
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Poser 6 or above
File Format: Poser
   This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
Texturing: Texture Maps
   This product uses image maps for textures.
Readme File: Click Here
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Product Description
The Mountain Rail Scenery is a standalone highly detailed and versatile set with terrains, rocks, backdrops and the necessary railtracks (from the RailRoad Construction Kit) to realize the given routes. It is designed to work with the RRC Kit and the adapted or adaptable vehicles.
The Mountain Rail Models are constructed like a figure with moving parts. With the `Hilly Curve` Model, the tunnel are body parts, while with the `Straight Level` Model the tunnel is a Prop. All tunnel are fully adjustable and can be made visible or invisible, depending on the angle of view.
The Backdrops of the models are body parts that can be moved around the center of a terrain as well as on the axis x,y,z.So you can adjust the Backdrop to any perspective challenge. This makes it also possible to place two `Straight Level` Models next to each other and to use a common Backdrop. The Terrains are equipped with many terrain-shaping destinations, which extend the boundaries of creativity. The same applies to the contained RockStone.
The Textures are Photorealistic.

.: Product Features :.

Includes the following Poser figures (obj, cr2/ png):
• Mountain Rail Figure
• Mountain Rail Flat Figure
• RockStone Figure

.: Morph dials for the Straight Level Terrain:.

Dials on the terrain tab:
• Embankment
• Hillsideplay
• Hillside
• Flatplane
• Cuts

.: Morph dials for the Hilly Curve Terrain:.

Dials on the terrain tab:
• Skylineplay
• Skyline Flat
• Skyline Flat2
• Arcrockplay
• Mountainplay
• Longcurveplay
• Tunnelside
• Cuts

.: Morph dials for the RockStone:.

Dials on the rockstone tab:
• Belly Mid.
• Edge 01
• Edge 02
• Edge 03
• Edge 04
• Spread
• Cuts 01
• Cuts 02
• Shape 01
• Shape 02
• Shape 03
• Shape 04
• Wedge 01
• Wedge 02

.: Movement dials for the Backdrops:.

Dials on the backdrop tab:
• Background Scale.
• Background Slide.
• Background UpDown.
• Backgr xDistance.
• Backgr zDistance.

Includes the following Poser props (obj, pp2/ png):
• RRLongCurve45
• RRRailStrghtLong
• TunnelSolo

Includes the following Camera position files (cm2):
• Distance
• FrontLeft
• FrontRight
• MidPoint
• HalfLeft
• RightSideView
• LeftTunnel
• RightTunnel

Includes the following MAT Pose/ Material files (pz2, mc6/ png):
.: BaseShape pose files for the RockStone:.

• ShapeRockStone01
• ShapeRockStone02
• ShapeRockStone03
• ShapeRockStone04

.: Pose files for the Mountain Rail Tracks:.

• Rail01 StrghtLong
• Rail02 LongCurve45
• Rail03 StrghtLong
• Rail04 LongCurve45
• Rail05 StrghtLong
• Rail06 StrghtLong

.: Pose files for the Mountain Rail Flat Tracks:.

• Rail01 StrghtLong
• Rail02 StrghtLong
• Rail03 StrghtLong
• Rail04 StrghtLong

.: Mountain Rail Pose files for the Swiss Train `The Croc`:.

• 01 SwissTrain
• 02 BarrelWagon
• 03 GravelWagon
• 04 WagTreeTransp A
• 05 WagTreeTransp B
• 06 Trees

Swiss Train `The Croc` available for sale separately.

.: Mountain Rail Pose files for the FREE Power Pole:.

• 01 PowerPole
• 02 PowerPole 1
• 03 PowerPole 2
• 04 PowerPole 3
• 05 PowerPole 4

Poser Pole available for free separately.

.: MAT Pose files:.

• Backgr Alps A
• Backgr Alps B
• MoRail Alps
• MoRailFlt Alps
• MoRailFlt Tunnel Alps
• Railway Alps
• Railway Std
• RockStone Alps

.: Material files:.

• Railway Alps.mc6.
• Railway Std.mc6.

Includes 13 High Resolution (4000x4000) Texture-,Bump- and DisplacementMaps (jpg):

.: Texture Maps (in jpg format) :.

• rrMoRailAlpsTex
• rrMoRailAlpsDispl
• rrMoRailFltAlpsTex
• rrMoRailFltAlpsDispl
• rrMoRailBackgrAlpsTex
• rrMoRailBackgrAlpsDispl
• rrMoRailBackgrAlpsTexB
• rrMoRailBackgrAlpsDisplB
• rrRockstoneTexAlps
• rrRockstoneTexAlpsDispl
• rrRailwayAlpsTex
• rrRailwayStdTex
• rrRailwayDispl

More FREE Backgrounds available at the Freebies-section of this side.
This product is no longer available for sale.
If you need to re-download a previous purchase, please Contact Us and we will be happy to provide a new download link.

Additional Product Images
Mountain Rail Scenery (for Poser) Mountain Rail Scenery (for Poser) Mountain Rail Scenery (for Poser)
Mountain Rail Scenery (for Poser) Mountain Rail Scenery (for Poser) 

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