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Balcony Bathroom (for DAZ Studio)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: dreamcutter
Created By: PoserWorld
Downloadable File Size: 2.00 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: 47213
Uploaded on: 10/28/18
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, DAZ Studio 4.9 or above
File Format: DAZ Studio
   This product contains: duf, dsf and/ or other DAZ Studio files.
Texturing: Texture Maps
   This product uses image maps for textures.
Readme File: Click Here
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DAZ Studio

Product Description
This is a relaxing bathroom with a balcony overlooking the city or countryside.
A bathtub in the center of the room will let your characters relax in style.

.: Product Features :.

DAZ Studio prop: dsf, duf/ png, with 47,213 polygons.
Includes the following parts which can be repositioned, hidden, or shown.
- Backdrop can rotate to accommodate various camera angles
- Water plane can move up and down, with a Pose Control dial on the Body.
- Table with cushion
- 5 Pillows

.: Textures :.

One texture scheme.
All of the materials use Iray shaders.
The backdrop uses maximized texture mapping, which means you can use any image as your background.

All sales images rendered in DAZ Studio with an HDRI skydome environment.

Designed for use in DAZ Studio 4.9 and above with Iray. Not recommended for use in other software programs.

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Additional Product Images
Balcony Bathroom (for DAZ Studio) Balcony Bathroom (for DAZ Studio) Balcony Bathroom (for DAZ Studio)
Balcony Bathroom (for DAZ Studio) Balcony Bathroom (for DAZ Studio) 

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