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Free Item: Millennium Falcon

  • Artist: JHoagland
  • Added on: 4/21/15
  • Category: Star Wars
  • File Size: 37.61 M
  • File Format: Poser
       This item contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
  • This item has been downloaded 1934 times.
    The Millennium Falcon as a rigged Poser figure.
    This version is from "The Empire Strikes Back" and was originally made by Andy Crook.

    This model is a rigged Poser figure (as usual) and it`s scaled to the size of the Poser people: about 34.74 meters/ 114 feet long.

    Moving parts:
    • Radar dish: up/ down and rotate
    • Upper gun: up/ down and rotate
    • Lower gun: up/ down and rotate
    • Entry ramp: up/ down, with an ERC dial on the Body.
    • Landing gear doors: open/ close, with an ERC dial on the Body.
    • Landing gear: up/ down, with an ERC dial on the Body.

    This model is meant for exterior shots: there is no interior and a very basic cockpit.
    This is a HUGE model, with over 528,544 polygons. We suggesting using a later version of Poser, such as Poser Pro 2010/ Poser 10 or above.
    Textured with texture maps only: all of the surface detail is modelled and no Poser shaders are used on the model.
    Texture maps range in size from 934x934 to 2000x2000, so you may need to adjust your render settings.

    Original model by: Andy Crook
    Mesh cleanup, including splitting multi-point polygons and removing double-sided polygons, and Poser rigging by: JHoagland.

    [Download this item]


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