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Brokered Artist Information and Benefits

Vanishing Point is constantly growing, and if you're considering joining our team, this page will give you some of the advantages and benefits of selling your products through our site.
As Vanishing Point is the leading supplier of science fiction, real world and military vehicles and environments, we are actively seeking to increase our range of these products and preference will be given to these merchants, fields, genres, and products.
  • You will receive 60% of your product's sale price
    This is more generous than the standard 50% cut that many other sites give merchants, and you will always receive this share regardless of sales or discounts given by the selling website. We give this amount to all brokered artists, whether they are a best-seller or if their products are exclusive.
    We pay this same commission to every merchant for every product. There are no convoluted terms to change this amount, such as selling one version of product for a 50% cut unless it's a premium product then it gets a 70% cut unless the customer pays with a voucher, then it's a 50% cut of a 70% cut.
  • Product Testing
    Unlike larger sites, where your product will be held in a "product testing queue" for 7 to 9 days (over a week!) before someone looks at it, our goal is to test submitted products within 24 hours of receiving them. If your product is not acceptable, we will send you a detailed e-mail listing the reasons why it was rejected. If your product is accepted, it will be added to Vanishing Point and Content Paradise, and you can start making sales immediately.
    We realize not everyone makes perfect products every time, so if your product has an issue, we will not punish you by making you wait one week until we test it again. And if there's a second issue, we'll help you work through it, rather than punish you a second time and make you wait 14 days for your product to be re-tested.
    We will not fail your product because of a typo in your product's readme file or if you forget to include a license file. We're all human, so why should your forgetfulness delay your product and cost you 2 weeks of potential sales?
    We do not test products in every version of every software. For example, you say your product only works in Poser 6 and above, we assume it will work fine in all higher versions of Poser. And if you say your product only works in Poser, we won't test your product in DAZ Studio and then complain when a feature doesn't work right.
  • Listing on Smith Micro's Content Paradise under the Vanishing Point account
    Content Paradise can be accessed by either clicking on the "Content" tab within Poser 5 (and above) or by going directly to Content Paradise website (opens in new window).
    We will also cross-link your product to similar Vanishing Point products listed at Content Paradise, which should increase sales for your product and the cross-linked product.
    We can create bundled products, which contain two or more of your products or your product and a related product from another merchant. This allows the customer to purchase multiple products in one transaction, without needing to search through the site for required or related products. Bundled products are usually priced the same as the total of the individual products. This way, you (the merchant) won't lose any money and previous customers won't feel like they've been cheated by not waiting for the bundled product. (Unique to this site!)
    Many of our merchants' products have been featured on the "New at CP This Week" and the "Featured Products" sections on the Content Paradise front page, as well as in the Content Paradise weekly newsletter. Although we can't control which products they will select for their front page (nor can we guarantee that your product will even be selected), if you have a good product, your chances of being listed on the Content Paradise front page may be higher if you list your product with us than if you listed it with another site.
  • Interactive demos of your products (unique to this site!)
    If you are selling a model, we will create an interactive presentation of your product so customers can "test-drive" it before purchasing. This gives the customer a better idea of the shape and texture of the model.
    Whenever they see this image, your customers will know that they can preview your product before purchasing.
    Note: Although we will try to do this for every model, please be aware that some models may not convert properly or may be too large for web browsing.
    Note 2: The interactive models are made with Sketchfab and WebGL, which is viewable in a web browser. Rest assured that your product's geometry or texture information can not be extracted from this model.
  • Extra Sales Images
    We allow merchants to upload as many sales images as they need, in order to properly show off their product. Need 5 or 6 or 7... or even 10 images to properly show your product? That's no problem! Though we prefer merchants include at least 3 promotional images.
    We have created some brief tutorials to help artists with their images:
  • Image Techniques (a general tutorial with tips and ideas on how to make better images)
  • Sales Image Guidelines (a general tutorial with tips and ideas on how to make better sales images)
  • Product Description Guidelines (a general tutorial with tips and ideas on how to write better product descriptions)
  • Large-Sized Banner Images
    We allow each product to have it's own banner, regardless of whether it's exclusive or non-exclusive. Some other sites only allow one banner per merchant, no matter how many products that merchant may be selling.
    Our banners are much larger (600x100 pixels) and are designed to compliment the look of the site. In fact, visitors may think they're looking at sample artwork instead of a banner.
  • Additional Product Marketing
    Every product receives these, regardless of whether you're a top seller:
    -Posting on our Facebook Newsfeed and Photo Gallery.
    -"New Product" e-mail notifications sent out to all customers (who have signed up to receive the notification), not just your previous customers.
  • Exclusive Products
    You have the choice to list your product as exclusive or non-exclusive. We understand that merchants want to maximize their income by selling on multiple sites, and because of this, we do not penalize any merchants who do not sell exclusively with us.
  • Small Minimum Monthly Payment
    We pay all of our merchants during the first week of a month for the previous month`s sales. We have a minimum payment of $25 and we'll hold your payment until you reach this amount.
  • No Minimum First Payment
    Unlike some other sites that may hold your first payment until you reach a set amount (such as $300), we pay you whether you've made $25 or $100 in your first month.
  • No Hold Time for Payments
    Some other sites may hold your first payment up to 90 days to make sure you're "cleared" as a merchant. We pay new merchants the money they are owed on the next pay date. For example, if you upload your first product in April and it makes a sale on April 30, you'll get your payment when we pay the merchants in May.
  • No Specific Minimum Price
    Unlike some other sites that set a minimum pricing at $5.00 (or $7.00), we do not have a specific minimum price. Instead, our pricing is based on the size of your product: $0.50 per meg. This means that the minimum price for a 4M product should be at least $2.00, though you are certainly encouraged to price your items above the minimum price.
  • We do not take out "taxes"
    We do not take "taxes" from foreign merchants. According to one merchant, another big-name site takes an additional 30% of the product price as a "tax" on foreign merchants... on top of the 50% that the site takes as their share.

    This also means that you are responsible for reporting your income to the appropriate tax agencies. However, under certain tax laws, you may not need to report any income if you received less than $1,000 in one calendar year. (Check with your tax advisor to be sure.)
  • Ninety (90) day listing requirement
    Please note, that if you choose to sell your product with us, we reserve the right to continue to list it on both Vanishing Point and Content Paradise for a period of ninety (90) days after it is uploaded for sale. If you want to remove your product before the ninety days, we will certainly consider your reasons. However, asking us to delete your product because you want to sell exclusively at another site is not a sufficient reason to remove your product.
  • We believe in treating our merchants like professionals
    Unlike other sites, you don't have to check in with us every 5-6 days to let us know about your travel plans. All we ask is that you answer your customers' questions in a timely manner.
  • Merchant Resources
    We provide exclusive resources and guidelines to help you better develop and promote your products. (This information is only available to merchants.)
  • Becoming a Brokered Artist
    To become a brokered artist, you must complete a few steps. These steps only have to be done once.

    1) Decide on a product.
    Please note that your product(s) must have an innovative feature or unique in some way. We'll be fairly loose with this guideline: vehicles (helicopters, trucks, cars, etc) will usually be fine, products such as Vicky 3 textures probably not be accepted.

    2) Complete the Member Information
    Go to your Member Information page (located on the Profile Page) and make sure all of the information is filled in, especially the address and payment preference.
    3) Download and complete the broker agreement (in Rich Text Format)
    Type in your information and e-mail the document back to us, at this address.

    That's it! You are now a merchant and you are now ready to upload your first product.
    (The following steps must be repeated for every product that you upload.)

    1) Create the following files:

  • Product zip file: You can either e-mail us your product zip file, or if your zip file is larger than 10M, please Contact Us to arrange for FTP access.
    Note: Your product zip file MUST include the following license. You can download it by clicking here.
  • Readme file (instructions and notes about the products): in plain text format.
  • One (1) thumbnail image for display on the main Marketplace page: 150x150 pixels/ less than 20k in size, GIF or JPG format, no nudity.
  • One (1) to nine (9) sales images to show off your product: no larger than 600x600 pixels/ less than 500k in size, JPG or GIF, nudity allowed. (Image #1 will be displayed on the main product page, the rest of the images will be displayed in a new window.)
    For more specific information about the required files, please see our Product Checklist.
    2) Go to the Upload Product Page and fill out the form.
    If you have already sent us the product file, it may be easier to send us an e-mail with the product description and price, rather than filling out the form.

    Per the US tax law, if you make more than $600 in income from this site, we are required to send you a 1099 form. Before we send you this form, however, we must receive a W-9 form from you. If you think you will make over $600 this year, then please download, complete, and MAIL us the following forms. Please consult a legal tax representative if you need help filling out the tax form.

  • If you are a U.S. Resident, then you need to fill out a W9 form (instruction sheet).
  • If you are not a U.S. Resident, then you need to fill out a W8BEN form (instruction sheet).

    If you do not have Adobe's Acrobat Reader you can download it (for free) from:
    Adobe Acrobat Reader download page.

    Please note that you only need to send us the W-9 form *once*, unless your information changes (you move to another address, you marry and change your name, etc.).


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