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Self Service Checkout (for Poser)

Product Specifications:
  • Offered By: mrsparky
  • Downloadable File Size: 4.08 M (approx.)
  • Polygon Count: N/A
  • Uploaded on: 4/19/09
  • System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Poser 5 and above
  • File Format: Poser
       This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
  • Texturing: Texture Maps
       This product uses image maps for textures.
  • Readme File: Click Here
  • How do I download my purchase?
  • You are currently viewing the Poser version of this product.

    Product Description
    This model is an accurate representation of a Self Service Checkout (SSC`s), a machine now found in many supermarkets and includes a scanner, card, receipt and cash slots, plus a CHIP and PIN reader.

    While this a highly realistic model, it also comes with some extra incredibly silly and fun anti-theft features for use in comedy scenes.

    To stop theft, real SSC`s have various security features, typically in the bagging area which weigh and count items, however it is possible to beat an SSC. Therefore this machine comes with the following...

    Bonce Bosher - in the event a customer attempts to pinch a packet of marshmallows - the till will open 2 doors at the rear and raise a retractable arm. If the customer is not deterred by the 15lb mallet dangling above their head, it will give them a gentle tap.

    Kneecap Knobbler - for anyone who enter an incorrect PIN, a rotating bacon slicer blade will pop out and trim the fat from their kneecaps. Please note - toddlers and short people should take extra care in this area.

    Trolley Stinger - if someone attempts to rush past the till without paying, a Stinger [TM] device will raise from the floor, puncturing the trolleys tires and forcing it to crash.

    Trap Door - for customers using stolen cards, a trap door will deploy plunging the customer to their doom.
    Note: Pit, crocodiles, big spikes and hungry sharks are not included.

    4 other `features` requiring imagination and postwork, are listed in the readme.

    Also included in the product are 12 other objects:
    A wire shopping basket - rigged figure with working handles
    Ten assorted items of shopping - props.
    One `pile` of shopping - prop.

    Extra care has been taken on the textures and mapping, so the jaggies are minimized on closeup shots yet you don`t get oversized memory hogging maps. The video screen is a separate material so you can plugin a video texture for animations.

    Plus as with most Sparkyworld products, there are instructions on using the model in Carrera and Vue. Plus a MY MAPS MAT pose for the SSC [this is an easy to use system which allows you to easily make your own textures for the model] and templates for the food and basket props.

    Daz Studio users should be able to load the model without any problems as it uses P4 based Materials and no dedicated shaders.

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    Additional Product Images
    Self Service Checkout (for Poser)Self Service Checkout (for Poser)Self Service Checkout (for Poser)

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