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 A Day of Infamy
A Day of Infamy:
By: theschell
Uploaded on: 12/13/2015

Description/ Notes:

"A Day that will live in Infamy..."

74 years ago today, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in hopes of destroying the US Pacific Fleet at its anchors.

At the end of the day, the USS Arizona would be a burning hulk, the West Virginia, Oklahoma and California sunk at their anchors, and the Tennessee trapped in its moorings by the sunken West Virginia. The Maryland would be badly damaged, and the Nevada (the only Battleship to make steam in the attacks) burning and beached to avoid blocking the harbor entrance. The Pennsylvania (along with the Destroyers Cassin and Downes) would be damaged in Dry-dock and the only remaining Battleship of the Pacific Fleet to escape the attacks (the USS Colorado) only did so because she was in Puget Sound for an over-haul.

At the same time as the Pearl Harbor attacks, the Japanese also attacked South-east Asia, Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, and most of the Islands in the South Pacific in coordinated strikes all across the region. It would be months before ships could be transferred from other areas of operation, or raised and repaired, to bring the Pacific Fleet any where near its prewar strength, leaving only 4 Carriers to defend the area of operations...

USS Arizona, Vestal, Oklahoma, Maryland, West Virginia, Tennessee, Nevada, California, and Pennsylvania with low-poly Deck Crews and Add-on Sets by me,

Flak and Smoke Effects, and Explosion props by me,

Japanese Val Dive-bombers by BeyondVR with custom textures by me,

Additional scene props from a variety of sources with custom textures by me for this scene.

I`d previously done an image called "Death of the Arizona" which I reworked so that I could attempt to more accurately depict the attacks of December 7th at Pearl Harbor... I`m hoping I have done the subject and history of the day some meager justice...

Rendered in DS 4.7

Product(s) Used in This Image
U.S.S Arizona (for Poser)
U.S.S Arizona (for Poser)
U.S.S Vestal (for Poser)
U.S.S Vestal (for Poser)
USS Maryland BB-46 (for Poser)
USS Maryland BB-46 (for Poser)
USS Tennessee BB-43 (for Poser)
USS Tennessee BB-43 (for Poser)
U.S.S Nevada (BB-36) (for Poser)
U.S.S Nevada (BB-36) (for Poser)


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