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Customer Projects
We're pleased to showcase the following customer projects, which show off the myriad ways artists use our models.
Video Games and Apps
Boeing 737-800 Aeroflot

Boeing 737-800 New Zealand
Aircraft Models
A German customer used some of our aircraft models in his flight sim game. He imported the models, created his own "livery" (which is an aviation term for the textures and colors), and flew the aircraft in his game.
Some of the models he used included: the Boeing 747-400, Boeing 737-800, and Airbus A380.
Boeing 747-400 KLM

Airbus A380 Qantas
Books, Stories, and Graphic Novels
R and RJ on the bridge Rich Collins' "Raegan and RJ in Space"
Rich Collins used our digital models to make a CG version of "Raegan and RJ in Space, which is the award winning series of 17 graphic novels which tell the story of the first Christians to leave Earth to colonize other star systems."
Some of the models he used included: the Colonyz Single Room, Earth Shuttle, Shuttle Bay 3, and Sick Bay 2.
Visit his site at: Raegan and RJ in Space or visit his YouTube channels to see demo reels, videos, promotional materials, and more: Raegan and RJ in Space and Ella and Andy in Space.
R and RJ in the Colonyz Single Room
R and RJ with the Earth Shuttle   R and RJ in the Sick Bay 2

Click to go to The NEW David J. Lee Presentations website. David J. Lee's story "Our Daily Lives"
David J. Lee created a website to showcase his story. He uses Poser and Vanishing Point models to illustrate his ideas and he's planning on turning his prose into a graphic novel:
The story of "Our Daily Lives" is loosely based on my own life. This animation and folks like you have changed my life for the better. I feel in virtual world, I have a permanent family. Characters like Zane, Russ, Allen, Katie and of course, David Holmes' mother (who's name just happens to be the same as "my mother's" was) fill that void and the whole world can visit our fictional home.
Visit his site at: The NEW David J. Lee Presentations.
Click to go to The NEW David J. Lee Presentations website.
Click to go to The NEW David J. Lee Presentations website.

Click for larger image. Joe Sweet: Zombie Apocalypse novel "Requiem for Humanity: Last Days Book One"
He used our buildings for a promotional piece showing the hordes of people during the Zombie Apocalypse, as well as using the ruins for the cover of his book.
The paperback version is currently available for sale at Amazon: Requiem for Humanity: Last Days Book One. Book Two is currently being edited and will be out between December 2014 and February 2015.
Click for larger image.
Click for larger image.

George Silsby's "Star Trek: Starfinder"
George uses our starship bridge sets to bring life to his Star Trek themed adventures. His site has graphic novels, audio novels, galleries of the cast and crew, and more
Visit his site at: Star Trek: Starfinder.
Yassine Hanine's Vanishing Point Commercial.
Yassine used our new site design to make a very impressive commercial:

Tony Bradley (ZeroGravity) Animations
He says, "I began working with 3D art in the mid 90's and spent a great deal of time teaching myself animation and video editing after I was forced to retire from the Fire Department after a near fatal injury. Today, my animations have become a great way to take a break from my usual work, which involves video productions that focus on Human Rights issues and similar topics (international adoption, human trafficking, etc). Needless to say, animations for me are a great escape." His animations include:
Discovery: EVA leaves pod bay and flies over the Discovery
Thunderbird 2
Discovery, Star Tug
Low Earth Orbit

Click for larger image.
Click for larger image.
Ruben Castro's Educational Film
Ruben Castro used our SquidMan character in a short educational documentary for children. Many times, customers use our products in ways we never expected. Ruben almost apologized for using the SquidMan as a "good guy" activist character instead of a villain! We don't mind at all- we're just happy that Ruben can find a use for our character in his educational documentary.
Click for larger image.
Click for larger image.

Terry Mitchell's Godzilla Animated Short Film
In this animated short film, Godzilla goes on a rampage through a city. The Airwolf version of the Executive Helicopter, a yellow version of Blue Thunder, and even some military jets are called in to stop Godzilla! Be sure to watch the entire animation as Godzilla also takes on a dinosaur!

Robert Reeves' My Name is Darth
In this parody of the TV show My Name is Earl, Darth Vader starts on his list of things to make right. Darth Vader is hit by the Landspeeder with mrsparky's textures.
The short film is available to view for free on Atom Films (link opens in new window).

David D'Champ's Battlestar Galactica parody
In this parody of Battlestar Galactica (current series), Grouchy Theo Duck dreams he is Lee Adama. The "bridge" set is the Modular Science Fiction Environment.
The animation is available to view for free on, the Sci-Fi Channel website (link opens in new window).

Paul Dowers' Dangerous Dave 2
In this original short film, the main character, "Dave", makes his escape from the alien ship. The film is made with live actors in front of digital sets. The "aliens' bridge" set is the Starship Bridge 3.

Vanishing Point Commercial
This commercial was made for Vanishing Point by Brandon Montoya, of GravityWell Productions. It features many of our models with a narration audio track by his studio.

Star Wars Inquisition - R2-C4
A short Star Wars fan film by Staganonkriss Gallaigunner, which uses the R2 Astromech model.
Click for larger image (at DeviantArt). Artist Jabba101 used our Star Wars models
Artist Jabba101 used our free Star Wars models, such as the AT-ST to make fan artwork. Check out more of his work at his Deviant Art gallery (links open in a new window).

Click for larger image. Aircraft models used to show history
Dave T uses our aircraft models, such as the Consolidated PBY 5 Catalina, Lockheed Constellation, and the F/A-18 Hornet to show off historical planes at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (link opens in a new window).
Help us build our list! Have you used our models in your projects? Would you like to share your story or project with the community? If so, send us an e-mail and we may post your information! JHoagland (


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