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Notable Works
Click to go to the Ex Astris Scientia site. Starship Bridge XI Illustration (Jan 2019)
One of our customers, Bobye, used our Starship Bridge XI model as an illustration for the USS Enterprise bridge, from the Star Trek (2009).
Bobye has made numerous illustrations for the Ex Astris site, and in fact, some of our developers have used these illustrations as references for our digital models.

Click to go to the Smith Micro animation contest page. Poser Art & Illustration - Rock Jocks Animation Contest (Feb 2011)
Vanishing Point provided the Sentinel Robot Mech for use by customers to create their own animation to enter Smith Micro's animation contest.
"Smith Micro is excited to host a new Poser animation contest brought to you by Rock Jocks the movie! Download the free figure and follow the storyboards to create your animation for a new Hollywood movie!"
Nov 2013 Update: Rock Jocks is now available for purchase at or for watching on Netflix streaming.
Click to go to the Smith Micro animation contest page.

Click to go to the main Content Paradise page. Free Fish on Content Paradise (November 2007)
Vanishing Point provided five fish and eel models to Content Paradise for their weekly freebie, for each week in November 2007 (and the last week of October 2007). These models are Poser conversions of the De Espona fish models and were rigged by DAD, our usual Poser rigger.
These models include: Amblyrhyncotes, Guppy/ Lebistes, Molly/ Poecilia Latipinna, Muraena Helena, and the Parexocoetus.

Click to go to the main Content Paradise page. Featured Partner on Content Paradise for June 2007
Vanishing Point was selected to be the featured partner on Content Paradise for the month of June 2007.
To celebrate, we've put a number of our bundled products on sale, from June 1, 2007 to June 10, 2007: Bundled Products Sale (link expired in 2009).
We're also offering a mega-model set that's available for free to Content Paradise Passport members: Street Scene Models. This pack was created by six of our merchants (3dCritter, Helgard, JHoagland, lygher, NorbertG, and Panos) and includes 24 models, ranging from barrels to benches to crates to streetlights to railroad signs.
There are 24 models for use in various 3D applications, including: Poser, Vue, Lightwave, and Wavefront obj.
For 2D users, the models also come in Anime Studio and Manga Studio formats.

Featured in the Oct 31, 2006 Content Paradise Weekly Newsletter
From the Content Paradise newsletter: "John Hoagland first started using Poser in mid 2000. He had always been interested in computer graphics, and being unable to draw people, Poser became an invaluable tool. Less than a year later, he started learning how to make his own models and in 2004 Vanishing Point was created to specifically create products (both for free and for sale) to the Poser community. Now they specialize in building, texturing and rigging models, animation, video and film production, corporate design and graphics.
Check out Vanishing Point's great products here. (link expired in 2009)
Also, make sure to check out Tabby, John's entrant into Miss Digital World!"

Click to go to story. Renderosity Featured Free Stuff Provider (May 2006)
The Vanishing Point Team was named the "Featured Free Stuff Provider" at Renderosity for the month of May 2006.
Read an interview with JHoagland (John), mrsparky (Al), and Helgard in Renderosity's Front Page News (opens in new window).


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