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Vanishing Point is a multi-national 3D production company, specializing in building, texturing and rigging models, animation, video and film production, corporate design and graphics.
Our design philosophy is: If it moves in the real world, it moves on the model. This has led to some of the most advanced vehicle models available for Poser, with innovations like blade flex on helicopters, geometry switching blade blurs, working tank tracks, functioning shock absorbers, and even a Tea Cup ride with accurately spinning tea cups. Our models come with so many moving parts (and so many unique features) that you'll quickly agree we're "Innovating the 3D World".
Launched in February 2004, we now feature product developers from the United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sweden, Morocco, and India, who are all dedicated to providing high quality models and textures.
As well as being one of the leading content providers for Poser, Vue, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, and Cinema4D, Vanishing Point also provides a custom modelling service, and can produce short animations to client specifications.
Are you working on a custom project and need a specific model built? If you can design it, we can build it, texture it, and rig it for animation.
Do you need animations for websites, product launches, TV advertising, short films or titling for a video project? Send us your requirements and we will come up with a workable, affordable solution. Please contact us for more information about our Custom Modelling and Animation Service.
By using our developers and services, your staff can spend their time working on other stages in your project's pipeline... or we could replace your model-building staff completely. Send us an e-mail: Inquiring about custom models. Let's talk about how our developers can save your project -and your client- time and money.
Be sure to visit us on the Vanishing Point Facebook page! (link opens in new window)
Developers, Model-Makers, and Artists
Alan Reed mrsparky United Kingdom
Science-Fiction Modeller and Conceptual Artist
A qualified photographer and classical artist by profession, Al uses his imagination to create entire universes full of unique spacecraft, vehicles, and alien creatures. If he is good we allow him to play with a pencil or his favourite toys, PaintShopPro, Poser and Vue.

Joe Diaz Alejandro_dv89 Mexico
General Modeller
Joe is a 3D modeler graduated who from FullSail University in Orlando and now uses Autodesk Maya for modeling. He mainly models environments, but he can do several types of props (clothing, inanimate objects, weapons, armors), as well as texturing. He is a 2D artist as well and most of the time he draws people or monster creatures. Joe enjoys fantasy and fighting games and movies, and he'd like to make one of those movies someday.

Chris Schell theschell Ontario, Canada
General Modeller
Military and Sci-Fi Modeller
Chris makes incredibly detailed models, ranging from battleships to WII aircraft to WWII "what-if" concept aircraft to fully transformable aircraft/ robots.

Yassine Hanine Yassine Casablanca, Morocco
General Modeller
Yassine is a 2D and 3D artist. He works with tools for creating graphics such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, 3Ds Max "Mental Ray and Vray", After Effects, Nuke, Premiere Pro, Combustion, and others. He graduated Canadian "Cegep de Matan" and with a College Certificate in 3D (video games - animated films). His training also includes Studio Ubisoft Casablanca.

Richard Duda rduda Ohio, USA
Modeller and Artist
Richard works as a creative services manager and manages marketing materials, including: design layout, photography and some video production. He mostly uses the Adobe Creative Suite and uses Hexagon to make digital models. He also says he's a cartoonist at heart.

Marc John Landingin mjjmland Caloocan City, Philippines
3D Generalist
Marc is a 3D Generalist, specializing in modeling, texture and rigging. He loves making hard surface models vehicles and aircraft specifically sci-fi or modern genre. And he can also make organic type models, humanoids and so on. :)
You can see his Demo Reel and portfolio (PDF) by clicking those links (links open in a new window).
Some of his projects include custom models for clients and:

Todd Kogutt Scavenger Colorado, USA
Modeller and DAZ Studio Conversion Artist
Scavenger has lurked in the shadows of the internet from before you heard of it. He`s now turned his attention to the world of 3D: modernizing old models and making new. He also likes beagles.

Staffan Melin oscillator Gothenburg, Sweden
Sci-Fi Modeller
Staffan uses Blender, Poser, and Photoshop to make sci-fi themed clothing and robotic armor.

Anders Lejczak bazze Sweden
Military Modeller
Anders is well known in the 3D community, and has regularly been featured in various magazines. His Cinema4D aircraft models, and recently his car models, are prime examples of a master modeller at work. He is also a render artist of the highest calibre.

Panos Coliopoulos panko Athens, Greece
Military Modeller
Panos is a military clothing and weapon modeller of the highest standard. His highly accurate modelling and exceptional texturing has placed his weapon models in a class of their own. He studied Art and History in Geneva and Paris and his first hand experience with weapons comes from his days in the Greek Parachute Regiment.

Norbert Garaj NorbertG Slovak Republic
General Modeller
Norbert is a Cinema4D modeller who has the knack of modelling just what people want, just when they want it. Superb textures and attention to detail make his models a pleasure to use. His primary tools are Vue and Cinema 4D and he creates mostly fantasy and scifi architecture models.

Ron Paludan 3dCritter Arizona, USA
Train and Building Modeller
Ron has been a game designer and programmer since the early 80's. He turned his attention to railroad mapping and 3D models after the release of Microsoft Train Simulator. Ron's primary modelling tool is 3d Canvas.

Barry Gibson Touchwood United Kingdom
Military Modeller
Barry is a Blender user, as well as an expert rigger in Poser. His fanatical attention to detail results in some of the finest military models available for Poser.

Enrico Pecora EPICI Rome, Italy
Modeller and Animator
Enrico is an eclectic artist, with a huge experience on hardware and software. His favourite tools are: Cinema4D, BodyPaint, Photoshop, Vue, Poser, Mimic, Motionbuilder, and he is engaged on movie productions as special FX supervisor.

Graeme MacMullin Dark Anvil United Kingdom
Fantasy Modeller
Dark Anvil is a division of MDM Limited. One of the UK Market leading designers and manufacturers of cast and painted scale model buildings for the hobby and games market. MDM designed the Skaledale (00 Gauge) and Lyddle End model railway buildings for Hornby. Hornby is the world leader of model railways and the new owners of Airfix and Humbrol.

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