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Thank you for choosing to become a member of Vanishing Point. Membership is completely free. All we ask is you provide us with some basic information. What's this?
Some of the benefits of membership include: • The ability to your upload items, tutorials, and images to share with other people. • The ability to post messages in the forums and leave comments on other members' gallery images. • The ability to view dates in a date format of your choice, for example the "date uploaded" (on products) and date ranges on reports. • Although you do not have to be a member to purchase our products, becoming a member will give you the following benefits:
-Use the Vanishing Point shopping cart to view your purchases before checking out.
-Use coupons and take advantage of customer incentives and savings.
-Purchase bundled products (usually priced less than the total of the individual products).
-View a past history of your purchases.
-Leave feedback for a product you purchased.
 • Subscription to our newsletter. What's in the newsletter? Maybe a cool image from the gallery, maybe a new cool product, maybe even an exclusive coupon, and always something interesting.
(Of course, should you decide that you don't wish to receive the newsletter, you can set this option on your user-preference screen.)
 • Notification when new products are added to the site.
(And, like the newsletter, should you decide that you don't wish to receive these notifications, you can turn off this option at any time.)
For the site to work correctly, make sure you have:
 • JavaScript *enabled*. This allows the drop-down boxes to work properly.
 • Cookies *enabled*. Like many other sites, this cookie allows the site to remember who you are. For your own security and peace-of-mind, feel free to set your browser to only accept cookies from If you plan to purchase anything in the Marketplace, be sure you can accept cookies from (You may get cookies from some items in the Free Stuff section. This is because those items are served from other sites, and we do not control what they do.)
Just as a note: when choosing a login name, please only use letters and numbers (spaces and underscores are acceptable also). Do not use any special characters, for example: @/\#"-{}'.
Unfortunately, due to a number spam sign-ups, we now require that you validate your membership before joining. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address, so please make sure your address is valid. You should receive an e-mail within a few minutes, if you don't, please feel free to Contact Us.

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