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Upcoming Downtime

We just wanted to let everyone know about some upcoming downtime.

We received an e-mail earlier today from our hosting company, GoDaddy, which said they will be performing planned maintenance on the server which hosts our website.
Start time: May 03, 2023 7:00 AM GMT
Finish time: May 05, 2022 7:00 AM GMT
Estimated completion: 48 hours

We`re not sure if the updates will take this long, but we`re letting everyone know, just in case.

Downtime and outage: Nov 15-16, 2021

I just wanted to let everyone know that our hosting company, GoDaddy, will be performing server upgrade and maintenance:
Start time: November 15, 2021 8:00 AM GMT
Finish time: November 16, 2021 8:00 PM GMT
Estimated completion: 36 hours
That`s right- their plan is to run an upgrade and perform maintenance for 36 hours and turn off the affected customers` websites for that entire period. So, please be advised that the Vanishing Point website may not be available for up to 36 hours, starting on November 15th at 8:00 GMT.

The product zip files are on a new server

Just to let everyone know, our team has moved all of the product zip files to a new storage location and off of Godaddy`s servers. We apologize again for any inconvenience this may have caused and we don`t anticipate any more downtime due to this issue.
If you continue to get any kind of missing file or file-not-found errors when downloading your product, please let us know.
In the meantime, here's a new coupon good for 30% off your next order: AUG202130... and the coupon continues in September: use code: SEP202130.

And some more news from GoDaddy

They sent me another "network violation" e-mail saying the Vanishing Point website is still violating their terms of use by having zip files on the server. They specifically mentioned the folder of product zip files, the folder of free zip files, and 2 large zip files in the root folder. Those 2 files were backup files made by their own techs when they tried (and failed) to do a migration!
The e-mail also said they`ll be reviewing the site again on June 9th and if all of the zip files are not removed, they`ll suspend the entire site again.

When I called them (yet again), this tech confirmed that yes, our hosting plan no longer allows us to have "so many" zip files. But as before, he couldn`t say what the limit is or how many I needed to remove to comply with their terms of use. He also said the site would not be suspended if all of the zip files were removed: all product zip files and all free zip files!
I told him there`s no way I can download all the zip files, find another provider, upload all the zip files, and update all the links for all the products and all the free items. He basically didn`t care: he said I already had an "extension" when they tried (and failed) to do the migration 2 months ago. So, since I`m still using the same hosting plan, they still want me to remove all of the zip files.

We`re currently looking into storage sites to host our zip files, but customers may experience interruptions and failed downloads until we find a new home for our files.


Another, possibly final, update about the site migration

No, the site has *still* not been migrated to the new server and today is day 31 of their original quote of an "18 day SLA".
This evening, I called the direct number for the migration department and this guy said they`re still "working on it". He said he could send an e-mail to the team lead and get a a new estimate, but that could take another "day or two". He also said the estimate for migrations for new customers is now 45 days!

So, yes, the original estimate of 18 days turned into an estimate of 30 days, and it could be even longer- at this point, I don`t really know if it`ll actually be done this week or if it`ll be closer to 45 days. I cancelled the new hosting plan and the migration since it feels like it`ll never actually get done! I told him that all of my complaints could have been avoided if they simply sent me status updates when the schedule kept changing. I would still be upset that it took this long, but at least there would be some communication about what was happening.

We`ll be staying on our original hosting plan, but we are looking at other options, such as finding a new hosting company or even a new place to sell our products


Website migration update

No, the site has not been migrated to the new server and today is day 29 of their original quote of an "18 day SLA". I called them to get an update and the tech said there`s a note on my account dated May 12 (Wednesday), saying someone will reach out to me about the next step "later this week". I didn`t receive an e-mail nor a phone call. I don`t know if the update is done and they`re ready for me to test or if there`s a problem that needs to be fixed.

The tech also said the migration department is only open Monday - Friday so I`ll have to wait until Monday to contact them, which will be day 31, even though they originally quoted 18 days.

I`ll post a new update when I talk to them (yet again) on Monday.

I know people are probably asking, well why don`t you go with a new hosting company? And you`re correct- I will be moving the site to a new hosting company. But I paid for a new hosting plan and I paid for the migration so I need to keep on top of them to make sure they actually do the work that I paid them for.


Another website update...

I just wanted to post another update about the ongoing issues with GoDaddy. It's now day 24 of their quoted 18 day SLA to migrate the site. Since I still haven`t heard anything about the migration, I contacted them to see what was going on. I was told that they changed their policy to a 30 day SLA. And, yes, they changed this without notifying me.

So, yes, this is yet another promise that they went back on. At this point, I don`t actually believe they`ll do the work. I have the feeling that on day 30 (again, of their "18 day SLA"), they`ll now say they`re too busy and it`s now a 45 day SLA, then a 60 day SLA... even though I paid for a new hosting plan and a new migration *with* a promise saying it would take them 18 days. After all, "18 day SLA" should mean "the site will be done and ready for your approval in 18 days", not "we`ll keep extending the agreement until we`re ready".

We`ll continue to post updates as we get them.

Website issues, continued...

So it seems that the website issues continue. Earlier today, we learned that the entire Free Stuff folder had been deleted, causing all of the items on the Free Stuff page to show as broken images and to not allow the downloading of the zip files.
I called GoDaddy and I was connected to the migration department. This tech said they usually use an automated tool, but our site had to be moved manually, so their system didn`t send out any e-mails about the status. She said the site migration was in the "troubleshooting" stage and would be finished "later this week". Meanwhile, it's now day 18 of their "18 SLA", which I took to mean they would be done in 18 days.
I also asked why folders keep disappearing from the site, such as the products folder on April 24 and now the free stuff folder earlier today.

I was then connected to someone in the network violations department. This tech said their records don`t show anything being deleted since the 24th (when they deleted the products folder). So they couldn`t explain why the free stuff folder disappeared. He also said the "solution" is to just keep restoring any folder or files that disappear, which isn`t really a solution.

If anyone notices anything missing, please let us know and please bear with us while we work through these issues.

Website issues: update

It seems that our hosting company, GoDaddy, went back on their promise of not deleting any files until after our migration was complete: they actually DID delete all of the product zip files! Unfortunately, as I told them numerous times, this affects customers` purchases!

I called them yet again and explained that I paid for an upgraded hosting plan, I paid for a migration, and I was told they'd leave the product zip files alone. This tech was very helpful, but he said the "network violations" department was closed on the weekend, so he couldn't get permission from them to restore the product zip files. He then tried some other ideas, including talking to the hosting department and the Managed Services department.
After talking to him for about 2 1/2 hours, it turned out that he was able to restore the product zip files from a backup earlier last week.

As of now, the products have been restored, however, we actually advise against purchasing anything during the migration period (the next 18 days) to avoid any problems.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Although we`re currently migrating to an upgraded hosting plan, we will also be moving off of GoDaddy in the near future.

Site downtime yesterday and this morning

Site downtime We just wanted to let everyone know about yesterday`s downtime.

It seems that our hosting company, GoDaddy, decided to suspend the Vanishing Point website.
When I called them about this issue, the customer service rep told me that they did an automated scan and found that we had zip files on the site, and he said zip files aren`t allowed with my current hosting plan!

I said we`ve been hosting with them since 2008 and that we`ve always had zip files- it`s how we sell products to our customers! But the customer service rep was like, that`s what the scan found, so you need to delete the zip files to get the site restored. I said I need the zip files because I sell products and he was still like, that`s the only way to restore the site.

He couldn`t say why they ran the scan now, or why we`re suddenly not allowed to have zip files on my site.

I asked if I could upgrade to a hosting plan that does allow zip files and he said that`s an option, but I was the one who has to ask for it- he didn`t offer it as an alternative. This requires a migration of the site and database, which could take up to 18 days.

He also said he`d put in a request to get the site up and running again since migrating to an upgraded plan will stop their scan. But that could take "up to a day" he didn`t know when exactly it would be up again.
When I checked the site earlier this morning, it was still down. I called GoDaddy`s security department, talked to "Steve" and he said he`d check with their network violations team (the department that shut down our site). I was on hold for about 10 minutes, then he came back and said the site was now restored. I checked the site to verify, and he was correct. It seems like the first guy that I talked to never put in the request to restore our site!

Steve also gave me a few more details: he said the actual issue may be that we have too many zip files in one folder, but since he doesn`t what the limit is, he couldn`t tell me which zip file triggered their scan. And he couldn`t explain why the first guy said they don`t allow zip files.


Instant Payment Notification temporarily down

Over the weekend, we learned that the "instant payment notification" process at PayPal is temporarily offline. We`ve been talking to the technical support staff at PayPal and we`re in the process of working on a solution.

In the meantime, rest assured that you will *definitely* get the products you purchased. But there may be a delay between the time you purchase and time it takes for the your items to appear on your Purchase History page. We`ll do our best to make sure you get a download link as well.

We'll update this news article as we have more information.

7/16/2020 Update
We`ve been working with the technicians at PayPal and we believe the issue has been resolved. We`ll continue to monitor transactions over the next few days to make sure everything is working correctly.

We`re open during the virus outbreak

Are you stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak? Have you watched all your TV shows and played all your video games? Why not make some artwork!

We`re happy to announce that Vanishing Point will be staying open all through the virus outbreak. Not to worry- all of us are working from home, there`s no face-to-face contact, and we`re practicing safe social distancing.
It also means that we`ll be here for all of your digital asset needs. Whether it`s Poser or DAZ Studio, or a fantasy building or a sci-fi set or a new car, we`ve got you covered.

And best of all, we won`t run out of products! You can buy 1 or 5 or 10 products and no one will accuse of you hoarding. In fact, we`ll love it if you purchase that many!
Use coupon code NEWSCOV19 to save 40% on all your purchases.

Vanishing Point and DreamCutter have partnered to acquire Chris Schell`s assets

Vanishing Point and DreamCutter are excited to announce that we have agreed to acquire over 70 assets from Chris Schell. This includes his military aircraft, historic ships, sci-fi models, and more! All of these models are in Poser format and should work in all versions of Poser from version 6 and above.
We`ll also further develop these assets into other formats, such at DAZ Studio, Vue d`Esprit, obj/ 3ds, fbx, and more.

Most of his models are already available for sale here and the Vanishing Point team will be uploading more for-sale and free models in the coming weeks.

We recently switched to HTTPS for better security.

We recently switched to HTTPS for better security. This means all communications from our site to your browser are encrypted and can not be tampered with. This prevents attackers from listening in on the information and it prevents companies from acting as a "man in the middle" and injecting code that shouldn`t be there.

We realized that some customers had issues with the instant payment notification from PayPal, which caused the download links not to be sent. After talking with the PayPal techs, we were able to figure out what was happening and adjust our code to match their new requirements. The shopping cart code has been tested and it now works fine. As a thank-you for being patient with us, we`d like to offer everyone a new coupon: MAYIPN2019, good for 30% off (good from 5/6/19 to 5/20/19).

Vanishing Point Turns 15!

On February 13, 2004, we officially opened our site. We can hardly believe it`s been 15 years already. How did the time fly by so fast? It seems like only yesterday we were announcing our 10 year birthday!

We just want to thank our merchants and customers for supporting us over the years! Here`s to 15 more years!

Download other site purchases at Vanishing Point

With the closure of so many Poser community sites, we`ve decided to offer something new: if you bought one of products on another site, we`ll honor it here!
How does this work? Send us proof of purchase from another site, such as a screen shot of a PayPal transaction, and we`ll add the product to your Purchase History page. You can then download it whenever you like.

This offer is good for products which were sold on such sites as Content Paradise, 3D Commune, and even Poser Pros. Or if you`d prefer to download your products here instead of other sites, we`ll also honor purchases made at DAZ, Renderosity, CGTrader, and others.
Please keep in mind that this assumes we still sell the product on Vanishing Point since some products may have been retired or sold to other companies.

Vanishing Point and DreamCutter have partnered to purchase the rest of the PoserWorld assets.

Vanishing Point and DreamCutter are happy to announce that we`ve finalized a deal with PoserWord to acquire the rest of their products, their site, and their databases.

In the coming weeks, our team will be rebuilding the PoserWorld site on a new server. This means all the previous products will be available for sale once again. We will also do our best to rebuild the customer database which means everyone will be able to re-download all of their previous purchases whenever they like. In fact, all of your customer information and purchase history should remain the same.

We`ll also be upgrading and converting many products to other formats and selling them at the usual marketplace sites. If you have a favorite model that you`d like upgraded or converted to DAZ Studio, just let us know!

Vanishing Point acquires PoserWorld assets

Vanishing Point is excited to announce that as of this weekend, September 22, 2018, we have agreed to acquire over 500 assets from PoserWorld. These include buildings, military models, furniture and household items, sports and recreation, transportation, plants, and clothing for figures such as M4, V4, and Dawn. All of these models are in Poser format and should work in all versions of Poser from version 6 and above.
We`ll also further develop these assets into other formats, such at DAZ Studio, Vue d`Esprit, obj/ 3ds, fbx, and more.

The Vanishing Point team will be uploading these models for sale (and maybe some for free!) in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for your favorites!

PoserWorld models have been used by industry leaders, including Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal, Drew Carey`s Green Screen Show, Color By Deluxe, and the Braves.

Come back often to browse the PoserWorld collection of products.

DDOS attack on our database server

It seems that we were hit by a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack on the database server this past weekend.
Rest assured that no data was stolen, compromised, or tampered with.
Our hosting company identified the issue as too many user connections coming from an external source. We`ve since added security and firewall protection to stop all external connections, since nothing outside of the site should even be connecting to the database.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

PayPal security upgrade to TLS 2.0

At the end of June, PayPal upgraded their payment services to require all websites use HTTP 1.1/ TLS 2.0 protocols. Although we tested our code to make sure it followed PayPal`s new guidelines, the "instant payment notification" process is temporarily offline. After talking with their technical support staff, they told us the problem is most likely due to PayPal now using https to communicate with websites. Their solution is for us to switch to https as well, and we`ll be working with our hosting company this week to make this happen.

In the meantime, rest assured that you will *definitely* get the products you purchased. But for the time being, you will need to download them by clicking the link on your Purchase History page rather than a link in an e-mail.

But this means that all customers will now have to log-in before purchasing. Otherwise, the site won`t know which transaction goes with which customer. You can tell if you`re logged in by looking at the right-side of the Vanishing Point website: if you see "Hi, Visitor", then you need to log in. And not to worry- the site will keep you logged in until you choose to log out. We don`t forget who our customers are.

Migration should be complete

We just wanted to let everyone know that the migration process should be complete... and a lot sooner than expected. We`re still testing some things here and there but let us know if you see anything that might not be working properly.
Thanks for all the patience during this process.

Website Migration

We want to let everyone know that the website will be migrated to a new server over the next few days. This process is being done to comply with PayPal`s new security requirements. As everything is moved over, the entire site may become unavailable or just parts of the site.

Please keep in mind that that this may affect order processing. Although you may still be able to purchase products during this time (or maybe not), the product files may or may not get delivered and the order may or may not appear on your Purchase History page.

We expect the migration process to take 3 to 5 days, though it may take longer. We appreciate your patience during this time.
Thank you

Vanishing Point aquires YURDigital assets

As of yesterday, March 3, 2018, Vanishing Point has agreed to acquire a number of assets from YURDigital. Included in this purchase is their versatile modular P.I.C.K. (Poser Indoor Construction Kit) system, sometimes referred to as the "Lego set of the digital world". These sets range from windows to furniture to lockers to sci-fi models.
The P.I.C.K. system is designed for use in Poser 6 and above and we`ll be converting the models for use in DAZ Studio in the coming weeks and months.

We`ll also be selling their popular background photo sets and stock images, which help artists quickly create artwork. And the twelve V4 characters will let us expand into the character market.

YURdigital is very excited that the talented team at Vanishing Point will take over the reins of the highly successful P.I.C.K. product line. We are confident that Vanishing Point will take this product line to the next level with some exciting new offerings in the future.

Come back often to browse the YURDigital collection of products.

Coming soon: recoding the site in php

We`re excited to announce that we`ll be re-coding the website to use php for a faster, more efficient experience.
When the site was originally created in 2004, we used ASP since that was the popular programming language at the time. But like anything else, things change over the years and ASP, now called "Classic ASP", has been replaced by more robust languages. We`ve chosen to use php since it has the best integration with the mySQL database.

We`re also taking this time to make some much-needed changes and enhancements to the site... as well as looking for suggestions for ways we can improve. If you have any idea, feel free to send us an e-mail and let us what you think. Who knows- maybe your idea is already on our to-do list or maybe it`s something we haven`t thought of. We`ll read every suggestion, though we can`t promise we`ll use every idea.

Coming Soon: Unity/ fbx versions of our products

We`re excited to announce that we`ll be converting and optimizing our models for use in Unity and as rigged fbx models. The goal is to appeal to the gaming and app development markets, which will increase the visibility of both the site and the library of models.

We don`t have a specific schedule for each product yet, but if you have a favorite that you`d like converted, let us know.

Product Commission Raised to 85% for December 2016

We`re currently running a new promotion for the month of December 2016: upload any product for sale and get an 85% commission! That`s 25% more than our regular commission!
And even though this promotion ends on December 31, this rate continues long after! That`s right- you get this commission for as long as you sell your product(s) with us.

Here`s all you have to do:
Step 1: Upload a product for sale.
Step 2: Send your customers to buy at Vanishing Point and you get an 85% cut on the sale!
Step 3: Get paid the following month.

This offer ends December 31, 2016 and any products uploaded after that date will get the usual 60% commission rate.

Leave product feedback, get a coupon

We`ve started a new program: leave feedback on any product and get a 25% coupon code to use on your next order. Simply log into your account, go to My Purchase History, look through the products you`ve purchased, and click the Leave Feedback link.

Some details:
The coupon is good on any amount in your shopping cart, it can only be used once, and has no expiration date.
And, yes, you can keep getting new coupon codes by leaving more reviews.

Artist Spotlight and Vendor Spotlights

We`re pleased to announce that we`ve started the Artist Spotlight and Vendor Spotlight up again. Who will be the artist and vendor this month? Click the links to find out!

Which artists and vendors will we feature in the upcoming months? Keep checking back and you might be surprised!

Welcome Clint Hawkins/ YURdigital

We`re pleased to announce the addition of a new merchant: Clint Hawkins/ YURdigital. YURdigital`s mission is to provide high quality digital art content and digital art resources at affordable prices.
Their P.I.C.K. line of sci-fi interiors are already available, including the PICK Base and DsICK Sci-Fi Base... and keep an eye out for more, coming soon!

Now available: iClone versions of our products

We`re excited to announce that our many models are being converted and optimized for use in Reallusion`s iClone format, including all-new rigging and texturing.
You can filter the products to see only the iClone products or go directly to our storefront on the Reallusion Marketplace site: VanishingPoint`s Store.
Special thanks goes out to PropMasters for the iClone rigging and optimizing.

And keep an eye out for new products as we convert more models!

Coming Soon: DAZ Studio versions of our products

We`re excited to announce that we`ll be converting and optimizing our Poser models for use in DAZ Studio. This means Studio-native .duf files with materials and surfaces specifically designed for use in Studio.
And, yes, any Studio user who purchased a Poser version will get the Studio version for free- just ask!

We don`t have a specific schedule for each product yet, but if you have a favorite that you`d like converted, let us know.

Vanishing Point announces their partnership with Arteria3D

Vanishing Point is proud to announce their partnership with Arteria3D. Arteria3D is already a world-class provider of Unity and game-ready content and this partnership will allow Vanishing Point to be the exclusive content provider of Poser and Vue versions of their models. Some of the new products include: low-polygon figures, animals, environments, buildings, and even audio files.
We`re also happy to announce that these products will be available at all of your favorite Poser and Vue sites, including Vanishing Point, Content Paradise, and Cornucopia3D.

Products will be added to these sites as our team converts them, so check back often. To find the products, simply filter the marketplace results by the artist or vendor name of Arteria3D.

About Vanishing Point:
Established in 2004, Vanishing Point designs and creates the most advanced, sophisticated and versatile 3D models for various platforms and applications. Software developers, video/film production companies, animation studios, architects, interior designers, manufacturing companies and corporations trust Vanishing Point to develop specialized 3D models for custom projects.

We are a premier content provider for a number of software applications, including Poser 3D Animation & Character Creation Software, Vue d`Esprit, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave and Cinema4D. Vanishing Point`s advanced 3D models also permeate our popular culture through their implementation in movies, television, commercials and video games.

About Arteria3D:
Arteria3d provides quality 3d and music content for computer games, education and commercial markets.

Launched in September 2005, Arteria have developed over the years, learning and embracing new ideas and skillsets to provide quality content. One of Arteria`s niche markets is the medieval content, of which our main Artist Steve Finney, visits locations weekly up and down the UK, researching historical sites and gathering photos from the journeys to create original and historically accurate 3d content packs.

Come back often to browse the Arteria3D collection of products.

`Earn Theme Park Tickets` Promotion

We`ve started a new promotion where merchants can earn tickets to any of the Central Florida theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Busch Gardens. What do you have to do? How many passes do you get? Check out our new page with all the details: `Earn Theme Park Tickets` Promotion.
And if you`re a merchant who hasn`t made or uploaded a product in a while, we`d love to hear from you again!

Vanishing Point Flash Sale

We`re having a summer flash-sale: use this coupon code to get 44% off for the next 44 hours, from 7/27, 12:00 noon to 7/29, 8:00 am: VPFLS0715.
Note: the sale does not include any products by Adobe, the DC Comics` character, nor camera equipment.

Exciting Things Coming Soon

We have some exciting things happening on the horizon. We have new artists, new products, new merchants, new images, and more. What kinds of things? We don`t want to spoil the surprise, but you can already see some of the new buildings we`ve added the marketplace. There will also be some new sci-fi models and more real-world buildings coming soon. Check back often to see what`s new!

We`re back from MegaCon

This weekend`s MegaCon convention was great. Our panel talk went very well and we had about 250 people in the room, including leaning on walls. We talked about gaming, programming, and digital artwork from the Apple II to the Apple IIGS, then moved into present-day gaming of making a model, rigging it, and importing it into the Unity game engine. We also talked a little about what the future might hold, including VR and more.

And the convention itself was a lot of fun- there were tons of people in great costumes, a huge LEGO builders display, remote-controlled R2 units, and more! To see more information (and a photo gallery), go to Events page.

We`ll let everyone know if we`re able to do another panel talk next year!

We`ll be at MegaCon

John from Vanishing Point will be joining JET from Limn Interactive to host a panel at the Orlando MegaCon in April. We`ll be talking about the history of video games, from programming in assembly language on the Apple II computer to using Poser models in Unity, and even what the future might bring. We`ll then have a booth on the exhibition floor to talk with people about models, gaming, digital artwork, and more.

Here are the details:
Orlando MegaCon
April 10-12, 2015
Orange County Convention Center, West Exhibit Hall, Orlando, FL

Our panel will be on Friday, April 10, at 1:00p in Room 206A. We`ll be hosting the only game panel, so you can`t miss us. To stay updated, follow Limn Interactive on Facebook.

Some of the guests at MegaCon include Stan Lee, Karen Gillan, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Arthur Darvill, and Alex Kingston (from "Doctor Who"), Ron Perlman ("Hellboy"), Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, and Summer Glau (from "Firefly") and more.

In addition to the panel, we`ll be hosting a party before MegaCon: the 2015 Orlando Indie Game Fest - MegaCon Video Game Party. Anyone interested in showing portfolios, games, or demos are welcome to get involved. This is a great chance to network with other people.

The event will be held on Wednesday, April 8, 2015, at the Player 1 Video Game Bar, in Lake Buena Vista, located around the corner from Walt Disney World.

More details and an RSVP form can be found on the Limn Interactive website:

Vanishing Point Turns 10!

On February 13, 2004, we officially opened our site. We can hardly believe it`s been 10 years already. How did the time fly by so fast?

We`ve seen many changes over the years, from new products to new images to new items offered by the community. We`ve also seen our members grow as artists and vendors.

To celebrate, we`re offering two specials:
1) "Pay-What-You-Like" sale, where you can name the price you pay for a product. Do you think it`s worth the full price? Or maybe you want a 20% or 30% discount? Or do you think you`ll use the model so you much that you`d like to pay more than the suggested price? You decide!
To see which products are available as pay-what-you-like pricing, go to the Advanced Search Page or go directly to the filtered marketplace results.

2) A new contest! One lucky winner can win ten products of their choice. The second place winner can win five products, and the third place winner can win three products.
To see the full details and rules, see our Current Contests Page.

New look for Vanishing Point

As of this weekend, we have a new look! After consulting with a marketing and design company, we redesigned the site with a new look and cool new features!
* By now, you`ve probably seen the new menu system with more options and selections. Click around and see what you can find.
* Check out the slide show on the main page or any of the pages under the Our Services menu. The slide show is touch-sensitive, so give it a try on your mobile device. Or click on it to go to the product being shown.
* We have an all-new logo.
* Searching by keyword is easier than before: simply go to the upper-right and type it in. This will allow to search the entire site for an item that matches your keyword.

We know any site change comes with a sense of panic as people worry that the site will lose their login or their previous purchases. Not to worry, the underlying code hasn`t been changed and no user information has been changed. You can still login with your same name and password, as well as buy products, download your purchases from your Purchase History page, view gallery images (and leave comments), and access your account the same way as before.
In fact, if you`re already logged in, the site will recognize you! You can tell you`re logged in by going to the My Account menu and seeing your user name.

We`ve also made some items easier to find. For example, to see which products you`ve purchased, you can go to either the Products menu or the My Account menu, then Purchase History.
To see which products you`d like to purchase, you can go to either the Products menu or the My Account menu, then Shopping Cart.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to Contact Us.

Sale on Dark Anvil`s products

Announcing the latest merchant sale: all of Dark Anvil`s products are $2.99. That`s right, all products are less than $3.00! Check out all of his products (by clicking on his name) or take a look at some of these exciting products: Bow Bridge, Shillingstone Station, Navigation Buoys, Temple, and more!

Summer Sale

We`re running a summer sale! From today until the end of the month, get 30% off anything in the store. Just use the coupon code `SUMR2013` (without the code).

Increased partnership with Digimation

Vanishing Point is proud to announce that we finalized an agreement with Digimation to upload and sell their Archive and Model Bank collection of models. This means thousands of new models will become available here at Vanishing Point, and at most of the major digital marketplace sites.

For now, these models will be available in obj format, but we`ll be converting them to Poser, Vue, and other formats soon. If you see a model in their archive that you`re interested in, please Contact Us and we`ll do our best to make it available.

You can read more about Digimation on their profile page here at Vanishing Point: DigimationModelBank. Or you can see which products they offer for sale by going to their marketplace page: DigimationModelBank marketplace.

We`re sponsoring an image contest

We`re sponsoring an image contest at The theme of the contest is "Post Apocalyptica; the Day the Bombs Fell", and it`s open to all artists. What happens after the world ends? Will society become like `Mad Max` or will there be no society left at all? Hurry, though, the contest runs from April 1 to April 30th.

You can read more about the contest and read the official rules by going to their forums: Contest "Post Apocalyptica; the Day the Bombs Fell" to begin April 1st.

Sale on Moscowich80`s products

Announcing the latest merchant sale: Moscowich80 is running a 30% off sale from March 5th to March 31st! Check out all of his products (by clicking on his name) or take a look at some of these exciting figures: Buratino, Baby Zomb, Durotan Orc, Dr. Aybolit, and more!

Vanishing Point Turns 9!

It`s birthday time again! Vanishing Point turns 9 years old on Feb 13, 2013! To celebrate, we`re having our annual name-your-own price sale. That`s right- you`ll be able to enter whatever price you think the product is worth to you!

This sale will only be good for one week (more or less), starting Feb 12th, 2012 (around 7:00pm EST) and ending Feb 20th, 2012 (around 7:00pm EST). Some of the merchants participating in this sale include: Vanishing Point-owned, Digimation Model Bank, JHoagland, mrsparky, norbertG, and oscillator.
To quickly find which products are included this sale, click on the Products button, then click the link for Advanced Search, then click the checkbox for Pay-What-You-Like Products, and click the Search button.

Vanishing Point returns to the Brokering Busines

Do you have a cool, unique, or interesting product? We`d love to have you sell with us. Vanishing Point has been in business since 2004 and we took a little nap, so-to-speak, when we sold our existing products to Renderosity in 2009. (Contrary to what some might say, we never went out of business nor did we somehow merge with Renderosity.) As of Nov 12, 2012, the Purchase Agreement with Renderosity ends and we can once again sell your products! And best of all, there will be no change to the merchant payments! Merchants will still receive a 60% cut and will be paid every month, as long as their balance is more than $25. If you were a merchant with us in 2009, we still have your product files on backup discs, so it`ll be an easy process to bring them out of retirement. Over the course of the next few weeks, I`ll be re-uploading and re-activating the existing products. If your product isn`t activated immediately, don`t panic- we`ll get to it as soon as we can. If you`re not currently a merchant with us, please contact us so we can send you a brokering agreement. If you`re an existing merchant, you don`t have to do anything!

Announcing our grand re-re-opening!

In November 2009, we signed a purchase agreement with Renderosity where they bought all of our existing products. On November 12, 2012, the non-brokering clause of the agreement expires and we can once again sell other merchants` products here at Vanishing Point. All of the products will now have the "Add to Cart" button, and like before, you`ll be able to create a shopping cart of items before checking out. We`ll be adding bundled products for extra savings! And all of the products sold to Renderosity will still have the "Available for sale at Renderosity" logo and you can click the link to purchase from them. As a way to celebrate our re-re-opening, we`re also having a Random Drawing, similar to the contest we ran in 2010. Though this time, we`ll be giving away digital products instead of plastic models.

WebGL versions of our models

We`re proud to announce a new technology to preview our models in your favorite web browser: a company called SketchFab allows users to upload their models which are then converted to WebGL format. Since WebGL is quickly becoming the new standard for displaying 3D models on the web, this means you can view our models without needing Java or any other applet! (Though you do need a web browser capable of displaying WebGL. If your browser does not support WebGL, you may need to update it to the latest version.)
Some of our models already have WebGL previews available for viewing: SR-71, F 14 Tomcat, B-1B Bomber, and even the Starship Bridge 4. Check back often as we add more WebGL models to our site!
You can also try SketchFab`s service yourself: they offer 10 models for free and Pro accounts at very reasonable rates. You can upload a zip file of textures with your 3ds or obj files, but we`ve found that Collada format works the best.

The forums are now open again!

We have recently decided to re-open the discussion forums. We`ve created forums for DAZ|Studio, Poser, and some general topics... including an "uncensored" forum where people can talk about whatever they like: the Water Cooler Forum.
There`s even forums for commercial product postings (yes, you can post messages about your own products even if you sell them on another site) upcoming projects, or if you`d like help with an upcoming project. Since we`re starting over, you can be the first of your friends to post in the forums and get the discussion started!

Vanishing Point wants to hear your story!

Have you used one of our models in your projects? Do you have an image that uses our products that you`d like to share with the community?
We`re starting a new section on the Vanishing Point website dedicated to showing off our customers` best projects and artwork. We`ll also be showcasing the best artists and projects as our Project of the Month.
Just go to the Vanishing Point website, then click on the link to Contact Us. Maybe your artwork will be chosen for the next showcase spotlight!

Vanishing Point Turns 8!

Vanishing Point turns 8 years old on Feb 13, 2012! To celebrate, we`re having a name-your-own price sale. That`s right- you`ll be able to enter whatever price you think the product is worth to you!
This sale will only be good for 24 hours (more or less), starting Feb 13th, 2012 (around 11:00am EST) and ending Feb 14th, 2012 (around 11:00am EST). Note that only the Vanishing Point owned products will be available for sale. None of the products listed on other sites (such as Content Paradise and Renderosity) will be eligible for this discount.

Coupon Matching!

We`re starting a new discount program: beginning today, we`ll start matching coupons from any of our competitors. All you have to do is send us an e-mail with the published coupon from another site (such as shown in a newsletter or website) and we`ll create our own coupon to give you the same discount! Restrictions may apply and this offer may be for a limited time.

Black Friday 2011 sale!

Vanishing Point is having its second annual Black Friday sale. But, in this case, it`s Black Weekend since the sale runs the entire weekend! This means you don`t have to line up in front of the Vanishing Point marketplace at 7:00 pm on Thursday to get the best deals! All products sold here will be 50% off when you use this coupon when checking out: BlackFri2011.

Our Black Weekend sale will run for the entire Thanksgiving weekend, starting on Thursday Nov 24, 2011, 12:01 Eastern Time and ending at November 29, 2011, 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

Digimation Products For Sale at Renderosity

We`re happy to announce that the Digimation model collection is now being approved for sale at Renderosity as we post this. Many people have asked when models such as the Harrier, MIG 29A, YF 22, B2 Bomber, and other models would be available for sale. Guess what? All of these are now available at Renderosity, along with the EMT Bus, Bus AEC London, Volkswagen Combi, Volkswagen Beetle, and more!
To see which models are available for sale, you can click on Digimation`s product catalog here or go over to the Digimation_ModelBank store at Renderosity to purchase.
And if you have a favorite model that you`d like to see at Renderosity, let us know and we`ll add it to the upload queue.

Mail Server Temporarily Down

Our mail server has temporarily gone down. This means that any e-mails sent from the site may not actually get sent, which means customers may not receive any e-mails, including: Purchase Confirmation, New Member Confirmation, or Gallery Comment Notification messages. The temporary work-around to download your products(s) is to check your Purchase History page and download the items from there. (You`ll still receive a purchase confirmation e-mail from PayPal.)
We are working with our hosting company to figure out a solution- they recently moved our site to another server, which could be causing the issue. We`ll post an update (or send out a new newsletter) when the issue has been resolved.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you.
June 12, 2011 Update:
The e-mail issue has been fixed and messages from the site should now be sending properly. This means that customers will receive their Purchase Confirmation e-mails, and members will received their New Member Confirmation and Gallery Comment Notification e-mails.

New Facebook Commenting System

Earlier last week, we added a new Facebook commenting system to our product pages. All you have to do is log into Facebook, go to a product page, and type in your comment. Your comment will then be posted on your Facebook News Feed for all your friends to see. Your friends can even reply to your comment and you can start an entire discussion!
So go ahead and give it a try.

Vanishing Point Turns 7!

Vanishing Point turns 7 years old on Feb 13, 2011! And to celebrate, we`re having another sale. We thought about giving a 25% discount like we did in previous years, but some people said it wasn`t enough! Instead, we`re giving a 50% discount!

From Feb 8th, 2011 to Feb 22, 2011, all of the Vanishing Point owned products will be available for sale. When you go to check out, use coupon code FEB1311 to get your 50% discount. Please note that products listed on other sites (such as Content Paradise and Renderosity) will not be eligible for this discount.

Pre and Post Christmas Sale

Vanishing Point is having a pre and post Christmas sale. Skip the long lines at the malls and treat yourself (or someone else) to a digital model. Great for artwork, animations, or just to play with... though we don`t recommend putting our models under the Christmas tree where the pets can get to them.
To get your 30% discount, enter coupon code DEC1210 on the shopping cart page. As always, you have to be a member of Vanishing Point and logged in to the site to be able to use our shopping cart and coupons. The sale runs from Dec 19, 2010 to Dec 27, 2010.

Black Friday 2010 sale!

That`s right- Vanishing Point is having its first annual Black Friday sale. But, not to worry, you don`t have to line up in front of the Vanishing Point marketplace at 3:00 am to get the best sales! All products sold here will be 50% off when you use this coupon when checking out: VPBF2010.
Our Black Friday sale will run for 24 hours, on Friday, Nov 26, 2010, starting at 12:01 Eastern Time and ending at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. All purchases made during this time will also qualify you for the random drawing.

Announcing Our Grand Re-Opening!

In November 2009, we signed a purchase agreement with Renderosity where they bought all of our existing products and we would sell our new products exclusively at their site for one year. On November 15, 2010, the exclusivity part of the agreement expires and we can once again sell our products here at Vanishing Point.
All of our products will now have the "Add to Cart" button, and like before, you`ll be able to create a shopping cart of items before checking out. We`ll be adding bundled products for extra savings! All of the older products will still have the "Available for sale at Renderosity" logo and we`ll continue to list products available for sale at other sites, including OnTarget3D and PoserDirect.
You can easily filter our products by going to the marketplace page and selecting "VP Owned" from the right-hand pull-down box. (You can also select this filter-option from the Advanced Search page.)
As a way to celebrate our re-opening, we`re also having a Random Drawing, with plastic models as prizes! That`s right- physical models that you can display on your shelf! We`ll also be giving away Total Textures CD`s as well, so click the link for more information and details about the prizes.
As a reminder: all of the products which were purchased by Renderosity last year are now owned by them. We can not sell these products any more and you`ll have to contact them about approving those products.

Vanishing Point Facebook page now online

That`s right- Vanishing Point now has its own page on Facebook! Be sure to "like" us to keep up-to-date with the latest news and information... and keep an eye out for specials or coupons! We might announce our latest model, our latest project, or maybe some industry news and events.
Vanishing Point Facebook page (link opens in new window).
At the bottom of every page will be an icon which you can use to add Vanishing Point to your Facebook favorites:


Vanishing Point joins NDIA

Vanishing Point is proud to announce our new membership in the military and defense trade association, NDIA.
Vanishing Point President, John Hoagland, said, "After visiting I/ITSEC back in November, I realized there were a number of exciting opportunities for Vanishing Point in the military and defense industry. After talking with the people at the NDIA booth, we realized the best way to take advantage of these opportunities was to become a member of NDIA."
Although this will increase our visibility in a whole new market, rest assured that we will continue to release high-quality models for the home-user prosumer market as well.

Vanishing Point`s products acquired by Renderosity

As of today, November 16th, 2009, the Vanishing Point Marketplace is closing. We have finalized a purchase agreement with Renderosity where they will acquire the Vanishing Point-owned products and the resale rights to the merchant-created products.
The purchase of these resources will allow Renderosity to offer a much larger selection of 3D models and resources under its Marketplace brand RPublishing. The purchase will also allow the Vanishing Point team to get back into the creative process of developing new and innovative products. In fact, all of the new products developed by the Vanishing Point team will be sold exclusively at Renderosity!
The Vanishing Point website will remain, so we encourage everyone to continue visiting our other sections, such as the Free Stuff and Gallery.
For more information on the acquisition you can read the Site Announcement on Renderosity (link opens in new window).
Dec 1, 2009 Update:
While we appreciate all the e-mails we have received regarding this news, we would like to ask that people refrain from asking where to purchase these products. As the news story explains, our new products are now exclusive to Renderosity and the older products will be re-branded until Renderosity`s RPublishing brand and released in the future.
Renderosity has not given us a schedule for specific products and they`re doing their best to process these products as quickly as possible. Please realize that it may take them some time to get everything uploaded. We ask that you please be patient, but if you`re interested in purchasing a product that isn`t listed yet, please contact the Renderosity marketplace staff.
Thank you

Vanishing Point`s Fill-in-the-Blank Sale

This weekend, we`re having a "Fill-in-the-Blank" Sale, which is our way of saying we couldn`t think up a good name for this sale. From today, Saturday 14 Nov 2009 (12:00 noon Eastern) to Monday 16 Nov 2009 (11:00 am Eastern), selected items will be placed on sale!
What will be on sale? How much will the discount be? Is your favorite product included? Now`s the chance for you to pick up those items you`ve always wanted!
You can see all the products on sale by going to the Advanced Search page.
Or you can go directly to the Filtered Marketplace page.
Please note that this sale will not be extended past 11:00am Monday.

SALE! 50% off all ratracter products

All ratracer products now on sale for 50% off!
That`s right- all ratracer products are on sale this weekend for 50% off the regular price! We haven`t had a sale in a while, so we figured it was probably time for another one.
What: All products created by ratracer (around 90 total) are 50% off the regular price. This includes Poser, Vue, and other formats, and bundled products. In fact, buy the bundles and save even more money!
When: Friday, 2 Oct 2009 to Monday, 5 October 2009.
Where: Here in the marketplace.
Why: Because we`re in a generous mood.
Note that the sale ends Monday, probably around 12:00 noon Eastern time (more or less) or whenever it seems like everyone`s finished purchasing.

Partnership with a comic book artist, Part 2

Vanishing Point is proud to announce the second design work from professional comic book artist, Ryan Kinnaird: the Cannon Queen, which is now available for sale.
And a special thanks goes to richabri for his work turning the 2d design into a set of conforming clothing for Poser.
You can see more of Mr. Kinnaird`s artwork at his DeviantArt gallery page (link opens in new window).

The 48 Hour Stimulus Sale

As part of the effort to help boost the world`s struggling economy, Vanishing Point will be having a 48 hour sale, starting on Friday, June 26, 2009 at noon (EST) and ending on Sunday, June 28, 2009 at noon (EST) (see update, below). The discounts will range between 10% and 50% and will include many of the products on the site.
You can see all the products on sale by going to the Advanced Search page or by going directly to the Filtered Marketplace page.
Update! By popular request, the sale has been extended to Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 8:00 pm (EST).

Partnership with a professional comic book artist

Vanishing Point is proud to announce the partnership with a new designer: professional comic book artist, Ryan Kinnaird. Mr. Kinnaird has written and illustrated numerous comic books, including: Dirty Pair (Dark Horse Comics), Gen13 (Image Comics), Star Wars Tales (Dark Horse Comics), and X-Men: Phoenix- Legacy of Fire (Marvel Comics/ MAX). He has also created numerous illustrations/ pin-ups for PlayStation magazine, and a series of Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards for Marvel Comics.
His first design work for us, the Saber Valkyrie is now available. And a special thanks goes to richabri for his work turning the 2d design into a set of conforming clothing for Poser.
To see more of Mr. Kinnaird`s artwork (and to purchase a sketchbook of his work) go to his DeviantArt gallery page (link opens in new window).

Win a Real Car!

Yes, that`s right, here`s your chance to win a real car courtesy of Vanishing Point and Sparkyworld.
Made from real plastic, not polygons, this Radio Controlled Subaru Impreza is 5.5 inches long and will give hours of fun for kids of all ages.
It comes customised with unique Vanishing Point and Sparkyworld colour laser printed decals.
The car has also has a really cool and fun drifiting action which you can see at YouTube (link opens in new window).
For your chance to win this one of a kind model, just purchase any VP vehicle (by any merchant) or any Sparkyworld product from any store selling our products. Your name and email address will automatically be entered into the `draw`. The winner can also choose 3 Sparkyworld products.
The winning entry will be randomly drawn on March 31st 2009. The winner`s user name (but not their real name) will be posted here and at the other forums announcing the draw. The winners will be contacted via IM/email, and the car will shipped (at no cost to the winner) via airmail to anywhere in the world.
Two other winners will also be drawn, and contacted via IM/email and can choose 3 Sparkyworld products as their prize.
  • Only residents of Earth can apply.
  • VP team-members and vendors are excluded from this contest.
  • The decision by the person drawing the event is final.
  • No cash alternatives.
  • Substitutions in the form of products may be possible if the winner can`t accept packages from the UK. If this happens, the second-place winner will get the car.
    April 1, 2009 Update:
    The winners have been chosen!
  • The grand-prize winner of the RC car is: Thomas Schmid
  • The second-place winner is: Christine Cornell
  • And the third-place winner is: Alexander Plösser

    Vanishing Point Turns 5!

    Vanishing Point turns 5 years old on Feb 13, 2009! And to celebrate, we`re having another sale. We thought about giving a 25% discount like we did last year, but some people said it wasn`t enough! How about a 50% discount? Still not enough? Okay, then, how about a "name-your-own price" sale?
    Starting on Feb 13, 2009, 11:00am (Eastern time) to Feb 14, 2009, 12:00 noon (Eastern time), many of our products will be set to "name-your-own" pricing, including all of the products made by ratracer. What other products will be included? Wait and see...
    (Please note that bundled "packs" are not included in this promotion.)
    You can use these links: to see all of the ratracer products, to only show the name-your-own-price products, or use the Advanced Search page to only show the name-your-own-price products WITH another search criteria.

    Vanishing Point to be seen during the Super Bowl

    Taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which was presented this year, Vanishing Point will be running its first-ever TV commercial during the 2009 Super Bowl! During this 30-second spot, we showcase some of our best models in some of the most realistic settings rendered in Vue and Lightwave. We`ll also be debuting our new company motto... sorry, but you`ll have to wait to see the commercial to learn what it is.
    Our commercial is scheduled to run during the final quarter, so don`t leave the game early or you might miss it!
    Held in Tampa Bay on February 1, 2009, Super Bowl XLIII, will not only host the best two football teams in the country, but as usual, will be known for the commercials.
    February 2, 2009 Update:
    It seems that our commercial did not run during the Super Bowl as originally planned. We apologize to everyone who watched the game just to see our commercial. We`re looking into the issue now and we`ll post more information as we get it.

    2008 Holiday Giveaway

    This holiday season, as a special thanks to our customers, we`ll be offering a series of holiday-themed items for free. From today (Dec 15) to January 1, 2009, a new free item will be added to the page. Not to worry, though: if you miss today`s item, it`ll still be on the page tomorrow.
    Each item is completely stand-alone: you do not have to buy or download anything else to use the item.
    All of the items will contain at least one model and at least one set of textures... though some items may contain multiple models or multiple textures.
    So head on over to the 2008 Holiday Giveaway Page to see what`s available.

    Pay What You Like Pricing

    Introducing a revolutionary pricing idea to the Poser world: "Pay What You Like" Pricing. Following the success of Radiohead`s In Rainbows CD, we at Vanishing Point will be experimenting with a similar pricing strategy: For selected products, instead of seeing a specific dollar amount, you will see a text box where you can enter your own price!
    If you think the product is worth a lot to you or you would like to support the artist who made the product, you can enter a larger value. If you don`t think you`ll get much use out of the product, you can enter a lower value- the choice is up to you!
    Or maybe you think every product, everywhere, no matter how detailed or complex, should be $1.99. Or maybe you believe that products with more features and details should have more value and be more expensive than simpler products. Again, the choice is up to you.
    To help with your decision, we encourage you to look at the item`s description and sales images, and view the other items made by the artist. Maybe you could help encourage a new artist by paying a little more for his products. Or maybe you want to pay less to let the merchant know that his product may not be to your liking. You should also keep in mind that the merchant will get his usual cut from the amount you pay. This means that you are directly responsible for how much money he makes from the sale of his products.
    Merchants: if you would like any of your products to be listed with the new "Pay What You Like" pricing, please let us know. Please note that products must be listed as exclusive with Vanishing Point to qualify for this pricing. Otherwise, customers may get upset if they bought the product at another site when they could have named their own price at Vanishing Point.

    After 20 years, Al finishes his BA degree

    The team at Vanishing Point would like to congratulate Al Reed for successfully graduating from the University of Chichester with a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) after studying IT- Management for Business.
    Known to artists in the Poser Community as mrsparky, Al used Poser content within his thesis on website methodologies for a local Children`s Charity. He also researched the Poser communities and marketplaces to create a original e-commerce model for digital artists.
    Like most people at that time, Al left school with no qualifications and went to college part time for only a year. Most people who left school during the late 1980's never went onto any form of higher education. It is an amazing achievement to discover that he completed his degree within a single year... and twenty years after first leaving school.

    Free Item Detail Pages

    We`ve recently added a new feature to the site: detail pages for our free items. When you`re looking through the Free Stuff section, keep an eye out for the link that says "[View more about...]": click on it to see larger, more detailed images of the item. Not all free items have detailed images yet, but who knows when we`ll be adding more.

    Vanishing Point Offers a 75% Merchant Cut

    Are you an existing merchant working on a new product but lack the motivation to finish it?
    Or are you a new merchant looking for a different site to sell your products on?
    Have you ever thought about selling at Vanishing Point, but another site offers you too good of a deal by paying you a 50% cut and requiring your products to be exclusive with them? Now`s your chance to try us out.
    We`re offering a 75% merchant cut on all products uploaded between August 30, 2008 and September 7, 2008.
    We believe this percentage is the highest merchant cut to be found anywhere in the digital marketplace... and it far exceeds the "standard" 50% cut given by most sites.
    Although this is a limited-time offer, the merchant cut is not: any product uploaded within this timeframe will receive the 75% cut forever (or for as long as you sell your product with us).
    Don`t forget, we`ll also upload your product for sale at Content Paradise as well. And if your product is a model, we`ll try to convert it to Vue format and upload it for sale to Cornucopia. Then, we`ll cross-link your product with our other products, encouraging customers to buy all of the linked products!
    Please note that our usual quality standards apply and your products will have to follow the usual guidelines:
    Product Checklist
    New merchants, don`t forget to please fill out and send us the Brokered Artist Agreement when you send your first products. You can find a link to this on the bottom of the Brokering page.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    Vincent Parker is Here!

    Vanishing Point is proud to announce the arrival of Vincent Parker (VPM1), an optimised Poser figure created especially with animators in mind. Using the expertise of the entire Vanishing Point team, and created in 3D Max, ZBrush and Poser, the figure is a fresh concept in Poser characters.
    The model is a lightweight mesh figure, with a polygon count of roughly half of the original Poser 4 figures, and a seventh of the Poser 7 figures. The model also uses highly optimised mapping and texturing, resulting in a figure that uses very few resources, and renders fast.
    The figure accepts poses made for most Poser 4 and 7 figures as standard, and can take poses from most other figures with slight adjustments.
    Free add-ons are being added every day, in the Vincent Parker Add-Ons category.

    A New News Page

    To help everyone keep track of the news on Vanishing Point, we added a new News page. Although the latest news story will be displayed on the front page, you can always check this page to read through our past stories.

    Vanishing Point Customer Opinion Survey!

    We have created our first annual Vanishing Point Customer Opinion Survey. We invite everyone to fill out the survey to let us know how we're doing.
    This survey should only take a few minutes of your time. And, as a thank you for filling out our survey, you will be entered into a random drawing to win the following prizes:
  • ONE (1) grand prize: $150 voucher.
  • THREE (3) 2nd place prizes: $75 voucher.
  • FIVE (5) 3rd place prizes: $50 voucher.
    The odds of winning depend on the number of surveys we receive.
    Vanishing Point Customer Opinion Survey
    (since the survey has ended, the link has been disabled)

    The survey is now open and ends August 5, 2008, 12:00 noon (Eastern). The winners of the drawing will be chosen and notified on August 6.
    You do not have to be a member of Vanishing Point to take the survey, but we do ask questions about your experience with our products.
    Please note: we're hosting our survey at SurveyMonkey, the industry-leader in online surveys. Please make sure to allow Javascript and cookies on the SurveyMonkey site.
    August 5, 2008
    The survey closed earlier today and we`ve compiled some of the results for everyone to read. The results can be viewed in the Notices & Announcements Forum.
    Our randomly-drawn winners are:
  • Grand Prize: CitizenM.
  • Second Place #1: winddance.
  • Second Place #2: mizrael.
  • Second Place #3: chas_cuk.
  • Third Place #1: Naptownlc.
  • Third Place #2: Paul24.
  • Third Place #3: Purrdey.
  • Third Place #4: pj1240.
  • Third Place #5: DoxxRoxx.

    A New Shopping Cart and Customer Incentives

    Recently, we added a new shopping cart system which will let customers use coupons and other discounts.
    Keep an eye out for coupon codes in our newsletter and in our advertisements.
    We also added a few "customer incentives", such as "Purchase $50 or more and receive a 10% discount." and "Purchase $100 or more and receive a 15% discount.". When your shopping cart total nears these amounts, you'll be eligible for these discounts. In fact, the more you spend at one time, the more money you'll save!
    Please make sure to Logon or Join Now (for free) to be eligible for these discounts.

    Vanishing Point Turns 4!

    Vanishing Point turns 4 years old on Feb 13, 2008! And to celebrate, we're having another "25 for 25" sale: for 25 hours, every product is 25% off! The sale starts at roughly 11:00am (Eastern time) on the 13th and ends roughly 12:00 noon (Eastern time) on the 14th.
    To be sure you get the sale price, make sure you are a registered member and logged in. When you view the products, you'll see a line above the price which says "Save 25%".

    Image Contest Results

    The results of the Vanishing Point/ 3rd Dimension Image Contest are in! We want to thank all the artists who submitted an image and encourage everyone to enter our future contests.
    The winners are:

  • First Place: Transport of the Ages by Alpha_Channel
  • Second Place: Castle in the Mists by maraich
  • Third Place: Bringing Out the Rum Ration By buckzero
    All of the entries can be seen in the Contest > 3rd Dimension July 07 Gallery.

    Vanishing Point is proud to announce a new partnership with De Espona Infografica.

    Over the weekend of June 3, 2007, Vanishing Point signed an exclusive agreement to convert De Espona Infografica's vast library of 3D Studio Max models into Poser, Vue d'Esprit, Cinema4D, and Lightwave formats.
    Some of De Espona's models are already available for sale, including the Elephant (for 3D Studio Max), the Harrier AV-813 (for 3D Studio Max), the Bonn Station (for Poser), and the Lamborghini Countach (for Poser). More products are always being uploaded... to see all of them, just filter the marketplace page by the user name of DeEspona.

    New Category added to the Marketplace: Themes

    Model Railroading

    Build your own digital train layout! Start with a set of traditional train cars or an electric train. Next, add a Victorian Train Station, a Roundhouse, a Railway Station, a Freight Station, or a Railroad Depot. And don't forget the extra rails or crossing arm.

    Recreate your own Vietnam images with this set of products. Cruise down the rivers in the Pibber, dress your soldiers (male and female) in the BDU's, arm them with the GI Combat Gear (male and female), and create your own scenes with the Military Environment 3. Air support is provided by the Huey Helicopter and the Littlebird Helicopter.

    Vanishing Point Turns 3!

    Vanishing Point turns 3 years old on Feb 13, 2007! And to celebrate, we're having a "25 for 25" sale: for 25 hours, every product is 25% off! The sale starts at roughly 11:00am (Eastern time) on the 13th and ends roughly 12:00 noon (Eastern time) on the 14th.
    To be sure you get the sale price, make sure you are a registered member and logged in. When you view the products, you'll see a line above the price which says "Save 25%".

    Interactive Models Now Available

    This model has a WireFusion model.We have started to add "interactive" models to selected items. Want to see what a model looks like in three dimensions? Want to see what the texturing looks like from all sides? Then take the item for a "test-drive" before downloading.
    When you see this icon next to an item, click it, then let the WireFusion player load (in a new window)... and interactively move the model.

    Over 1000 Members

    We did it! We broke the 1000 member mark. This was a first goal for Vanishing Point. This site went "live" only just a month ago! Thank you for making us a well visited site and a favorite in the 3D art community.


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