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Free Item Checklist
This is a checklist to help artists make the best free items possible. Although these items are free and end-users may not expect as much as they would from a purchased product, we believe in maintaining the highest possible standards, even for our free items.
If you have any questions about this checklist (or the guidelines in general), feel free to contact us.
Supporting Information
                Item Name
  Although the item name is usually obvious, please provide the official name of your item as you would like it listed in the Free Stuff section.
  A three to four sentence paragraph, briefly describing the item. Since you are not "selling the item", you do not need much detail.
Note: please check your description for spelling and grammar. It looks very unprofessional to have these kinds of errors in the item description.
                Related Product (optional)
  Be sure to note if your item works well with a product.
                Required Product (optional)
  Be sure to note if your item requires the previous purchase and installation of a product.
                Readme File (in plain text format)
  This includes basic directions on how to extract the files and how to use the item.
Click here for a sample readme file.
Note: please check your readme file for spelling and grammar. It looks very unprofessional to have readme files which contain spelling errors.
Note 2: please name your readme file "!readme.txt". The exclamation mark will cause the file to be listed first in the zip file and using the standard name of "readme" won't require the user to figure out which file is the readme file.
                Thumbnail Image for Vanishing Point
  The thumbnail image must be 150x150 pixels, in JPG or GIF format.
If you use a GIF image with a rounded border, make sure the area outside of the border is transparent.
If you use a JPG image with a rounded border, make sure the area outside of the border is pure white: RGB (255,255,255).
Zip File
  Please keep the size of the zip file below 2M.
                Relative pathing
  Files must be zipped from the "Runtime" folder.
                Free Item Files
  Please check to make sure that all of your files have been added to your zip file.
                Remove "thumbs.db"
  Remove the "thumbs.db" file from the zip file: this is a Windows system file and is not needed.
                Remove "mtl" files (for Poser items)
  Remove the "mtl" files from the zip file: these are material definition files and are not used by Poser.
Please note: if your item is meant for use in Vue (or other graphics programs), then the mtl files may be needed.
                Remove geometry rsr files (for Poser items)
  You do not need to include rsr files found beneath the Geometries folder: these are re-created by Poser when the model is loaded into the scene.
Please note: do not confuse these rsr files with the Library thumbnail files, where ARE required as part of your zip file.
Poser Files
                Version number
  Open the Poser files in a text editor and look for a line that says "version". The number on this line corresponds to the version of Poser:
Set the number to 4 for items meant for use in Poser 4 and above, including Poser Pro Pack and Poser Artist.
Set the number to 5 for items meant for use in Poser 5 and above.
Set the number to 6 for items meant for use in Poser 6.
                Rendered Library Thumbnail Files (optional, recommend)
  We recommend that you use rendered images as your library thumbnail images. This makes the item look more professional.
A tutorial on how to make your own thumbnail files can be found at: JCH Digital Designs - Tips & Information: How to Make Your own Thumbnail Files (opens in new window).
                Library Thumbnail File Types
  If your item is meant for use in Poser 4, be sure to convert png thumbnails to rsr format.
If your item is meant for use in Poser Pro Pack, Poser 5, and above, these versions of Poser will convert the existing rsr to png format.
To convert rsr to png (and png to rsr), use a free program called P3DO Explorer, which can be downloaded directly from the Senosoft Website (opens in new window). (Note: the "Convert Rsr2Png" plug-in may be a separate download.)
                Relative pathing
  Paths must be relative from the Runtime folder.
Please edit and remove any references to the full path name, such as "c:\program files\e-frontier\Poser 6\"
                OBJ files
  All Poser models (figures, props, and hair) must include an externally referenced OBJ file.
A tutorial on this process can be found at: JCH Digital Designs - Creating Your Own Props 2: Remove Geometry Information From the pp2 File (opens in new window)
                ERC Controls
  Obvious moving parts (such as a canopy) should have ERC dials on either the body or the hull. A tutorial on how to add ERC dials can be found at: JCH Digital Designs - Making a Figure: ERC Dials (opens in new window)
                Dials Locked
  Non-logical dials should be "locked" by setting the following: Min:0, Max:0, and forceLimits:4 ("on"). (In Poser 6, "forceLimits" can be set to 1 or 4 for "on".)
For example, if a canopy opens and closes using the xRotate dial, the yRotate and zRotate should be "locked".
                Dials Renamed
  The rotate dials should be renamed to something other than their default names: if xRotate moves the part left to right, rename the dial to "LeftRight", if the zRotate dial moves the part front to back, rename the dial "FrontBack".
                Figure Name
  All Poser figures must be named something other than "Figure 1".
Either rename the figure in Poser (select the BODY, go to Item Properties, and rename) or open the cr2 in a text editor and rename it.
A tutorial on how to rename Poser figures can be found at: JCH Digital Designs - Tips & Information (opens in new window).
                MAT Poses
  If your item includes multiple textures, you should include MAT poses for users to quickly apply the textures to the model.
It is also highly recommended that you use descriptive names for the MAT poses: use names like "CamoMAT" or "PoliceMAT" instead of "MAT 1" or "MAT 2".
  Models should be facing forward (the z-axis).
                Mapped and Textured
  All models must be UV mapped and textured.
  Please try to build your model using only 3 and 4 sided polygons.
Models should also be checked for the following: non-planar polygons, degenerate polygons, multi-sided polygons (also called "n-gons"), co-linear polygons and inverted normals.
                Polygon Count
  Please try to build your model as efficiently as possible: balance the level of detail against the polygon count.
Try to build your model with quadrangles instead of triangles: using triangles can effectively double the polygon count... with no increase in detail.
Do not build models with more than 150,000 polygons, especially if they are designed for use in Poser.
  Your texture files should be in JPG format.


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