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Magic Touch (for Poser)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: Shadowdalecreations
Downloadable File Size: 3.21 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: N/A
Uploaded on: 3/18/09
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Poser 5 and above
File Format: Poser
   This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
Texturing: Procedural Maps
   This product uses procedural shaders for textures.
Note: since this product uses procedural textures, it may not work correctly in programs other the one listed above.
Readme File: Click Here
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Product Description
Magic Touch - Touchably Soft Fabric Materials for Poser 5 and above

Tired of buying new textures for your lovely ladies every time you buy a new clothing set? Shadow Dale Creations introduces Magic Touch MAT poses with a variety of colors and looks to dress all your characters from the most demure innocent to the darkest vamp!

Choose from Moleskin, Satin, Sequined, Sheer, Spun Metal, Velvet, and Wool in a rainbow of colors. Pose your figures on one of the included drapery props and indulge your softest fantasies! Over 190 materials in all!

The set includes 5 portrait drapery props for your posing pleasure that are compatable with poses and MATS designed for the DAZ studio props!

You must use the Firefly render engine to use these MATs to their full potential.
Raytracing must be turned on in the render options in order to see raytraced reflections on rendered objects.

Note: Use of the "box" post render filter is not reccomended as it may cause "artifacts" on reflective materials. Use "gaussian" (gaussian blur) or "sinc" filter types and Render Options set at "Production" quality for best results.

.: Figures/ Models :.

MT Drape Bed
MT Drape Lounge
MT Drape Mortuary
MT Drape Setee
MT Drape Stool

.: Material Settings (mt5 files):.

  • Moleskin
    Baby Blue Moleskin
    Black Moleskin
    Blood Red Moleskin
    Blue Moleskin
    Brown Moleskin
    Burgundy Moleskin
    Dark Brown Moleskin
    Forest Green Moleskin
    Gold Moleskin
    Gray Dk Moleskin
    Gray Lt Moleskin
    Gray Moleskin
    Green Moleskin
    Indigo Moleskin
    Lavender Moleskin
    Leaf Green Moleskin
    Magenta Moleskin
    Mint Green Moleskin
    Navy Moleskin
    Orange Moleskin
    Peach Moleskin
    Pink Moleskin
    Purple Moleskin
    Red Moleskin
    Rust Moleskin
    Sky Blue Moleskin
    White Moleskin
    Yellow Moleskin

  • Satin
    Baby Blue Satin
    Black Satin
    Blood Red Satin
    Blue Satin
    Brown Satin
    Burgundy Satin
    Dark Brown Satin
    Forest Green Satin
    Gold Satin
    Gray Dk Satin
    Gray Lt Satin
    Gray Satin
    Green Satin
    Indigo Satin
    Lavender Satin
    Leaf Green Satin
    Magenta Satin
    Mint Green Satin
    Navy Satin
    Orange Satin
    Peach Satin
    Pink Satin
    Purple Satin
    Red Satin
    Rust Satin
    Sky Blue Satin
    White Satin
    Yellow Satin

  • Sequined
    Baby Blue Sequined
    Black Sequined
    Blood Red Sequined
    Blue Sequined
    Brown Sequined
    Burgundy Sequined
    Dark Brown Sequined
    Forest Green Sequined
    Gold Sequined
    Gray Dk Sequined
    Gray Lt Sequined
    Gray Sequined
    Green Sequined
    Indigo Sequined
    Lavender Sequined
    Leaf Green Sequined
    Magenta Sequined
    Mint Green Sequined
    Navy Sequined
    Orange Sequined
    Peach Sequined
    Pink Sequined
    Purple Sequined
    Red Sequined
    Rust Sequined
    Sky Blue Sequined
    White Sequined
    Yellow Sequined

  • Sheer
    Baby Blue Sheer
    Black Sheer
    Blood Red Sheer
    Blue Sheer
    Brown Sheer
    Burgundy Sheer
    Dark Brown Sheer
    Forest Green Sheer
    Gold Sheer
    Gray Dk Sheer
    Gray Lt Sheer
    Gray Sheer
    Green Sheer
    Indigo Sheer
    Lavender Sheer
    Leaf Green Sheer
    Magenta Sheer
    Mint Green Sheer
    Navy Sheer
    Orange Sheer
    Peach Sheer
    Pink Sheer
    Purple Sheer
    Red Sheer
    Rust Sheer
    Sky Blue Sheer
    White Sheer
    Yellow Sheer

  • Spun Metal
    Spun Baby Blue Metal
    Spun Black Metal
    Spun Blood Red Metal
    Spun Blue Metal
    Spun Brass Metal
    Spun Brown Metal
    Spun Burgundy Metal
    Spun Copper Metal
    Spun Dark Brown Metal
    Spun Forest Green Metal
    Spun Gold Metal
    Spun Gray Metal
    Spun Green Metal
    Spun Indigo Metal
    Spun Lavender Metal
    Spun Leaf Green Metal
    Spun Magenta Metal
    Spun Mint Metal
    Spun Navy Metal
    Spun Orange Metal
    Spun Peach Metal
    Spun Pink Metallic
    Spun Purple Metal
    Spun Red Metal
    Spun Rust Metal
    Spun Silver Metal
    Spun Sky Blue Metal
    Spun White Metal
    Spun Yellow Metal

  • Velvet
    Baby Blue Velvet
    Black Velvet
    Blood Red Velvet
    Blue Velvet
    Brown Velvet
    Burgundy Velvet
    Dark Brown Velvet
    Forest Green Velvet
    Gold Velvet
    Gray Dk Velvet
    Gray Lt Velvet
    Gray Velvet
    Green Velvet
    Indigo Velvet
    Lavender Velvet
    Leaf Green Velvet
    Magenta Velvet
    Mint Green Velvet
    Navy Velvet
    Orange Velvet
    Peach Velvet
    Pink Velvet
    Purple Velvet
    Red Velvet
    Rust Velvet
    Sky Blue Velvet
    White Velvet
    Yellow Velvet

  • Wool
    Baby Blue Wool
    Black Wool
    Blood Red Wool
    Blue Wool
    Brown Wool
    Burgundy Wool
    Dark Brown Wool
    Forest Green Wool
    Gold Wool
    Gray Dk Wool
    Gray Lt Wool
    Gray Wool
    Green Wool
    Indigo Wool
    Lavender Wool
    Leaf Green Wool
    Magenta Wool
    Mint Green Wool
    Navy Wool
    Orange Wool
    Peach Wool
    Pink Wool
    Purple Wool
    Red Wool
    Rust Wool
    Sky Blue Wool
    White Wool
    Yellow Wool

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    Magic Touch (for Poser) Magic Touch (for Poser)  

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