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Military Environment 2 (for Vue)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: Vanishing Point Owned
Created By: Helgard
Downloadable File Size: 16.07 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: N/A
Uploaded on: 3/10/07
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Vue 4 or higher
File Format: Vue d`Esprit
   This product contains: vob and/ or vue files.
Texturing: Texture Maps
   This product uses image maps for textures.
Readme File: (no readme file available for this product)
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Product Description
The Military Environment Creator Set 2 recreates a street scene from France 1944, as would be seen in movies such as Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers.

Includes everything you need for the base for a military render. The props are generic enough that it could be used for scenes from WWI to the present day.

It is scaled to Poser figures and the model is light enough to allow the use of multiple copies in a scene to create the illusion of a whole small town of the period.

Files included in this package:

Military Environment 2 with opening doors, shutters and ceiling trap doors. Front walls, interior floors and roof section can be replaced with battle damaged parts. Back and front walls can be made invisible to render and work inside the building. There are two floors, attics, interior doors, staircases, and other details.

36 individual textured props
  • The wreck of a Panzer IV E/F, textured for the European Western Front. This prop has no moving parts, but is highly detailed and includes a basic interior. The fully functional model of the working Panzer IV seen in the promotional renders is available as a seperate model.
  • Bricks. A prop for adding scattered bricks to the scene.
  • Broken Door. A door prop that can be placed in rubble or placed as if broken off the hinges.
  • Buried barrel. A dented and torn barrel half submerged in the ground.
  • Chimney. An interior chimney in the style of the period.
  • Damaged barrel. A dented 44-gallon barrel.
  • English Grave. A grave of a soldier with an English "round hat" helmet on the cross.
  • Fountain. A water filled fountain as found in most town squares in Europe at the time.
  • German Grave. A grave of a soldier with a German "Stahlhelm" helmet on the cross.
  • Glass. Scattered glass from a broken window.
  • HQSign. A wall mounted sign that can be re-textured for various uses.
  • Lamppost. A typical lamppost from the period.
  • Manhole Cover. A prop that can be placed anywhere on the ground for added detail.
  • Medic Crate. A medical crate textured for the German Army.
  • Medic Station. A simple tent with medical signage.
  • Old Bed. A simple bed for added detail to the interior of the building.
  • Old Bookcase. A simple bookcase for added detail to the interior of the building.
  • Old Chair. A simple chair for added detail to the interior of the building.
  • Old Cupboard. A simple cupboard for added detail to the interior of the building.
  • Old Lantern. A lantern in the style of the period.
  • Old Pail. A metal pail/bucket as used by the German Army.
  • Old Table. A simple table for added detail to the interior of the building.
  • Picture1. A picture to add detail to the interior walls. Can be easily re-textured.
  • Roof Chimney. A roof chimney to add detail to the roof.
  • Rubble Big. A large pile of rubble and bricks.
  • Rubble Pipe. A rubble and brick crater with water and a broken pipe.
  • Rubble Small. A small pile of rubble with bricks.
  • Rubble Wood Glass. A pile of rubble with wood, bricks and glass.
  • Rubble Wood. A small pile of rubble with wood.
  • Signboard. A roadside signboard that can be easily re-textured.
  • Small Wall. A small stone wall.
  • Stretcher Bed. A stationary stretcher as used by the German Army.
  • Stretcher. A carry litter stretcher as used by the German Army.
  • The frontwalls, roof section and damaged floor props are used to add war/battle damage to the main building.

    All objects in the package are UV Mapped and textured, and extensive use is made of bump maps for small details.

    This product is no longer available for sale.
    If you need to re-download a previous purchase, please Contact Us and we will be happy to provide a new download link.

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