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Sample Readme File

The following is a sample readme file which you may copy and edit with your own information.
All text marked [Your Information] should be replaced with the information about you or your product. If an optional statement applies to your product, don't forget to remove the word "optional" from your final readme file.
All text marked [Note:] are notes and should be removed from the final readme file.
[Your Product Name]
c 2015 [optional: copyright owner, either your name or your company's name]
[Your real name and e-mail address in case the customer needs to contact you.]

All of this product's content was created by [Your name].

[Optional: This product contains merchant resources used by (merchant name).]

[Optional: This product requires the previous purchase and installation of the (other product name).]

[Note: This section explains where the user should extract your product files.]
Extract the files into the specified folders: [as needed]
Put the obj files into Runtime\Geometries\[Your folder]
Put the cm2/ png (camera files) into Runtime\Libraries\camera\[Your folder]
Put the cr2/ png (figure files) into Runtime\Libraries\Character\[Your folder]
Put the hr2/ png (hair files) into Runtime\Libraries\hair\[Your folder]
Put the pz2/ png (pose files) into Runtime\Libraries\Pose\[Your folder]
Put the pp2/ png (prop files) into Runtime\Libraries\Props\[Your folder]
[Optional: if your product includes templates: Put the gif or bmp files (templates) into Runtime\Templates\[Your folder]]
Put the jpg files (textures) into the specified folder beneath Runtime\Textures\[Your folder]

Using the figure:
1) Start Poser.
2) Go to the [Your folder] Library.
3) Add the [Your product name] to your scene.
4) Optional: Add your favorite characters and pose them to suit the needs of your scene.
[Note: Adjust these instructions as needed for your product.]

Optional Instructions:
[Note: How to add additional figures to the scene, applying MAT poses, hints for the customer, etc.]

Usage License:
You are completely free to use these figures in any commercial or non-commercial render, image, or animation.
You may NOT sell or give away any files found in this zip package without express permission.
You are free (and encouraged) to make your own textures.
You are free to redistribute your own textures as you wish, provided they do not use any images found in this zip file.
[Note: These statements should cover the usage of your product files.
Feel free to remove any statement that doesn't apply to your product.] 


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