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Vendor Spotlight: YURdigital, LLC

1) Please tell us a little something about yourself.
Iím a self-taught artist and have been in the 3D industry for 19 years. I started using 3D Studio MAX R2 in 1997. As a child I took standard art courses for oil painting, drawing and pen and ink. Iíve always been drawn to the creative side of life. I play several instruments and have a recording studio in my home. I was one of the original staff members at Renderosity and worked there for 10 years as the marketplace manager and copyright agent. My wife, Lillian who was the marketing manager at Renderosity, and I left in 2007 to pursue opening and running our own brokerage site called YURdigital. I also have over 25 years of experience in the computer industry holding positions as a COBOL programmer, Systems Engineer and Network Engineer.

2) What software or tools do you use?
I use a crazy amount of different programs depending on what I need to accomplish. My current software for production can include Adobe Premiere, 3ds MAX, Maya, Mudbox, Softimage, Bryce, Carrara, DAZ Studio, Poser, Unity, UVMapper Pro, Photoshop and Vue.

3) How did you get started making digital models?
Being in the computer industry for so many years I was very fond of technology. I also have a creative side that always wanted to express itself through art and/or music. When I first laid hands on 3D Studio MAX R2 I was hooked. It was a perfect marriage of technology and creativity.

4) What experiences influenced your models or products? Where do you get your ideas for your products? Did you do any market analysis or did you make something that you thought people would enjoy?
Many factors play a role in what I hope other artists will enjoy using. Daily life influences many of my ideas. Iím always looking at architecture, how things are textured, shadows, colors, etc. Whatís hot in movies and on TV can also influence my creativity.

5) What kind of challenges have you faced in your career?
Keeping up with the constantly changing technology is always a challenge and figuring out what will appeal to buyers. Iíve created content that I thought would be a massive hit and it wasnít. Other times Iíve created content that I didnít think had a very big audience and it sold like crazy. Figuring out the market and what buyers want and will respond to is very difficult at times.

6) You`ve been involved in the digital artist community for a while now. Do you have any thoughts or opinions about how the community has changed?
Yea, Iíve been involved in the digital art community for a very long time. 20 years ago the community was very small and very tight knit. It seemed that back then the industry was just growing and everyone was there to help each other grow and learn. Fast forward to present day and itís a bit different. There are a lot more people doing digital art and it just doesnít seem to have the same small town vibe that it used to have. But there are still a lot of amazing artists out there helping each other grow and learn in this ever changing industry.

7) What advice do you have for new merchants who want to improve their artwork?
Never stop learning. The internet is a wonderful resource for written and video tutorials. Try and experiment with things that youíre not comfortable with and step outside your comfort zone. In regards to product development I always plan the project out on paper first. With drawings of the model, determining material zone names, group names, what will be included in the final product offering and time lines/milestones for the development cycle. Time lines/milestones will help you get your product finished and to market in a timely manner. Also having your project laid out on paper will help you stay focused on the creative aspect during the build process it also helps you stay consistent with things like group and material zone names which in turn will yield a professional looking product offering.

8) Is there anything else you`d like to share with the readers? Do you have any thoughts or ideas about models or products or anything else in the digital world?
Always try to remain open to constructive criticism from fellow artists or customers. This information my help you see things that you might not have seen without them being pointed out. Most of all have fun and never give up on your dreams!
Stay creative .. Peace out!

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