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M4A3 Sherman (for Poser)
By: DavidArthur 5/15/08 Rating: 9 (out of 10)
An excellent, high-detail model, easy to pose and to animate. I`ll second the comments that have been made about the winter camouflage (though the other textures, which give it various levels of wear, are useful too), and I`m also quite pleased with the numerous props make it easy to create any number of distinct vehicles. The interior of the turret is quite sufficient for what can be seen through the hatches, but I should note that if you`re rendering a top view, you`ll want to close the driver and radio hatches, and make sure the engine prop is installed.
BMW 502 (for Poser)
By: DavidArthur 4/16/08 Rating: 10 (out of 10)
The best Poser vehicle I`ve seen yet. Practically everything that can be articulated is (the only thing missing is the ability to raise the top), so it`s lovely to animate. The materials are excellent and realistic, while still allowing the car`s colour to be easily changed (it looks great in red). My only warning is that since almost every part of the car is reflective, you`ll need to be very careful with lighting set-up, and do test renders often; the windscreen also has a tendency to develop highlights so strong that you can`t see through it. The real challenge, though, is finding an excuse to give your characters such a beautiful car.
Bus AEC London (for Poser)
By: DavidArthur 4/14/08 Rating: 8 (out of 10)
I`m pleased with this bus, even if it is inexplicably driving on the right in the promotional images. :-) The model depicts the AEC Regent (RT-type) bus, which served in London from 1938 to 1979, and was the immediate predecessor of the recently (and controversially) withdrawn AEC Routemaster. Viewed from the outside the bus is excellent, and the material set-up produces a good measure of realism without over-taxing one`s computer. Though the interior is (as the readme says) minimal, this doesn`t significantly impact exterior shots. Likewise, I`ve had great success re-texturing the bus despite its `complex mapping`; altering the destination signs or advertisements is easy, and changing the entire livery not much more difficult. I have found that I need to scale the bus up at least slightly to fit the Poser people, and even so the driver is slightly jammed in. Articulation is limited to rotating and steering the wheels - the bonnet doesn`t open, nor can the roll-sign be rolled. Most curiously, there are several spelling mistakes in the supplied texture for the roll-sign; do these references to `Camdem`, `Chelser`, and `Clappham` convey a coded message? (The route described, however, is an authentic one from when these buses were introduced, and still exists in a modified form today.)

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