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Artist Spotlight: Gediminas Einikis (docslav)

First, what's your real name? Or do prefer to go by your artist name? :)
My real full name is Gediminas Einikis. Although I like it, a lot of people have trouble pronouncing it, so I go by Eddie most of the time.

1) Please tell us a little something about yourself.
For example: where are you from, where do you live, do you have any formal education or are you self-taught, etc.

I grew up in Lithuania, moved to the US with my parents when I was 14, and have been living here since. I graduated with a game art degree in 2013, but my particular school had very few 2D or drawing related classes so most of my skills in that category were self taught. I did learn about 3D and video game production in general. I wouldn't recommend going to school for drawing unless you can manage to get into one of the few worthwhile ones, such as Feng Zhu school of design. There are a ton of free resources online if you need help or guidance.

2) What experiences influenced your artwork? Where do you get your ideas for your artwork?
My main influences are video games, movies, books, other artists/artwork, and everyday life.

3) Can you tell us a little about your creative process? How do you create your artwork? Do you sketch an idea first or do you keep the design in your head until you're finished?
I believe most good art starts with a number of sketches until you find a good one. But occasionally I'll take a single sketch to a more finished state just because I liked it right away.

4) When or how did you decide to get into digital artwork? Did you start with traditional media first or did you jump right into the digital world?
Although I've been drawing on and off through life, I never took it seriously until around 2-3 years ago. Around that time, one of my teachers believed that it was good to learn the basics in traditional, so I worked with pens and markers for a couple months, and right after that we switched to digital. I've hardly touched a pencil since then.

4a) What tools do you use to create your artwork?
Photoshop. I've used 3D software to block out some environments a while back, but I haven't used the same technique in a while.

5) What made you decide to submit your artwork to DeviantArt?
It's the largest online art community to share my work with.

6) What piece of artwork are you most proud of? Why?
I've probably done some of my best work in the past couple months, but I'm not allowed to share it for a while. Most of my old work I don't really like, except maybe Lean Mean Yellow Machine or Solomon's Mines The first because it was a fun and interesting design and the second because of good color and composition.

7) What keeps you motivated when things don't seem to be going your way? What are some challenges you've faced in your career?
I run into roadblocks when drawing all the time. I can usually get over them by putting in more time and figuring things out, or finding reference for what I'm drawing. Sometimes it helps to just get away from the screen for a few minutes. I also have good and bad days.

8) Do you accept commissions from people who enjoy your artwork?
I've done various freelance work but as far actual commissions go I've only done one.

8a) If you do accept commissions, have you worked for worked for many clients? How does your creative process differ when making your own artwork compared to making artwork for a client?
If you mean freelance work in general, I've worked for a handful of clients in the last year. I've done gigs ranging from a few days to several months. When I'm working, I try to tailor the piece to my client's requests, while maintaining a cool and quality look.

9) How do you handle criticism of your artwork?
I take general criticism with a grain of salt. I value criticism from other professionals.

10) What advice do you have for up-and-coming artists who want to improve their artwork?
If your goal is to improve your technical ability, draw from life or photos and use that knowledge to fuel your original work. Focus on doing lots of quick photo studies or sketches and don't get lost in the details. The biggest mistake I see new artists do is spend countless hours rendering a character that has incorrect anatomy or an awkward pose. Think of your art as disposable because you will make something better tomorrow.

11) Some people claim that digital art isn't "real art" mainly because it's made with software programs. How would you respond to this?
I've never personally come across this attitude, but to put it simply: software is a tool, just like a paintbrush. People that fail to understand this aren't worth arguing with.

12) What are some of your more notable achievements? Have you been published in a magazine or exhibited your artwork at an art festival or gallery?
I haven't done any of those things, but I've been drawing for a living for about a year, which I consider an achievement. Most of all I'm just proud of the progress I've made so far.

13) Any other comments or anything else you'd like to say?
Nope, your questions were thorough enough.

Where can people go to see more of your artwork? Do you have your own portfolio website or do you post your images mainly at DeviantArt?
Deviant art is the most up to date.


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