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Artist Spotlight: Spark Warrgon

1) Please tell us a little something about yourself.
Hello everyone. I am from Shandong China. Currently living in London, England. Conceptual design in the game. I like to draw from childhood. Went to the Art Institute to learn animation and movies. But I do not like animation. Think animation is not for me. A chance to let me know the conceptual design. Found that is very fun. So love . Until now continuous efforts. So it be self-taught.

2) What experiences influenced your artwork? Where do you get your ideas for your artwork?
Like paintings sci-fi style, so I very sensitive to mechanical. when I walking in the street to see a large excavator. I stopped to observe their details. When I have free time I would have to draw some mech designs draft. Sometimes no idea. I will look at those animals, then they merge with machine in my mind. Create new machine. Then draw the sketch.In fact, there are too many sources of ideas. To see how you go portfolio. How to create.Observation to understand more things. More likely to have ideas.

3) Can you tell us a little about your creative process? How do you create your artwork? Do you sketch an idea first or do you keep the design in your head until you're finished?
When in the creation of own work. I always by feel. Sometimes the idea suddenly appeared. Would quickly sketch. Sometimes need access to information. Looking for some footage. Then slowly thinking to find the feeling. Sometimes I had to change a lot of times to get their satisfaction with the design. However, in commercial projects. I always go first to the information. And then began to draw some sketches. Pick and choose the most satisfactory design. Will make it complete.

4) When or how did you decide to get into digital artwork? Did you start with traditional media first or did you jump right into the digital world? What tools do you use to create your artwork?
When I knew I wanted to do with concept design. I immediately decided to buy a Wacom do digital art, because art design of movies and games is basically a digital design. But I still spend a lot of time on paper sketches. Because I think the feeling on paper is better. PS is mainly used to make digital art.

5) What made you decide to submit your artwork at DeviantArt?
DeviantArt is a place where many artists gathered and exchanges. There are a lot of my favorite master artists. You can communicate with them and learn. Look at the creation of the progress of those masters. Motivate their own progress. But first, take my own picture upload up. Get everyone's evaluation and communication. So as to continuously strive to progress.

6) What piece of artwork are you most proud of? Why?
I did not find my artwork to be proud of someone, because I think own ability has not been fully played out. There is need to improve drawing skills. So now I think it works like a general.

7) What keeps you motivated when things don't seem to be going your way? What are some challenges you've faced in your career?
We also see that there are now more and more young people into this industry, competition is growing. You must also master the skills more and more. Era of rapid development. Now as far as I understand no simple 2D conceptual artist. Those masters not necessarily at what time would make their 3D works. So when you see when you think I have to start learning 3D. (I rarely use 3D to do work.) Is really a variety of challenges.

8) Do you accept commissions from people who enjoy your artwork? 8a) If you do accept commissions, have you worked for worked for many clients? How does your creative process differ when making your own artwork compared to making artwork for a client?
Before done some outsourcing projects. The other party will usually require a certain painting. For example, be sure to line draft begins. Or require details to be more. But the most important is that these are based on certain background story. Painted myself sometimes there may be just draw a shape. Or a simple composition. Creation on the basis of the requirements of the background story. This is the biggest difference.

9) How do you handle criticism of your artwork?
As the saying goes criticism of others is the driving force your progress. I believe this sentence. As long as I humbly listen to the opinions of others, I will be considered in the next painting more. Thus avoiding the mistake occurred again.

10) What advice do you have for up-and-coming artists who want to improve their artwork?
More practice. Looking for something new. Enrich their knowledge. Continue to inspire their own efforts and progress. Learn how to use the smart way to design new works. Daring to imagine. Others do not dare to do. Finally. Time and the amount of accumulated which will witness your success.

11) Some people claim that digital art isn't "real art" mainly because it's made with software programs. How would you respond to this?
Software is just a way of artistic creation. There are too many ways to do art creation. It makes me remembered Marcel Duchamp's decorative arts is not that the real art.

12) What are some of your more notable achievements? Have you been published in a magazine or exhibited your artwork at an art festival or gallery?
Before that I had an interview with Chinavisual websites and has a long time to online exhibition at this site.

13) Any other comments or anything else you'd like to say?
As long as you love do the work do it well. Finally, it will be successful.

14) Where can people go to see more of your artwork? Do you have your own portfolio website or do you post your images mainly at DeviantArt?
This is my other site: Facebook - sparkwarrgon. Artstation also is amazing website.


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