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Gamekeeper`s Hut (for Poser)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: muralist
Downloadable File Size: 13.55 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: N/A
Uploaded on: 8/24/07
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Poser 4 and above
File Format: Poser
   This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
Texturing: Combination
   This product uses a combination of image maps and procedural shaders for textures.
Note: since this product uses procedural textures, it may not work correctly in programs other the one listed above.
Readme File: Click Here
How do I download my purchase? PLEASE READ
Affiliate Link: Gamekeeper`s Hut (for Poser) (What's This?)

Product Description
Magical Scottish Highlands Hut and Environment figure and smart props.

This is a scale model of a fantastic building in the Scottish Highlands.
The lighting and background simulates evening on the Spring Equinox at that location.

Twelve original meshes and unique, custom texture, bump, displacement and opacity maps bring the magical Highlands to life in your artwork. Fourteen original props included so your characters can inhabit the interior and garden outdoors. Add tables and cupboards to the Hut, harvest giant pumpkins, or fill the game rack with the bounty of the forest. Meshes, uvs, textures, and poser files optimized for efficient rendering and animation.

The hut and terrain are modeled from real world data. The lighting represents spring equinox, 1530 hrs, 2003.

The environment may be used for any scenes requiring a mountain vista.
All of the doors and windows can be opened and closed with the parameter dials in the Hut figure BODY.
For convenience in setting up your scene, the hut`s roof and walls can be hidden: Select the GSHut figure and in Body Parts, select Roof and/or Walls. In the parameter dial, uncheck Visible.
To use Simple Materials instead of P7 shaders, load the GSHutAndPropsSimple figure instead of GSHutAndPropsP7.
If your camera is blocked by the CDPanorama, in Render Settings, check Cull Backfacing Polygons or change its scale in the Parameter Dial.
Materials that use overlays, like Glass and WoodMaskV, can be retextured with images similarly. Other textures simply use tiled images.
Included is a set each of Simple Materials and Shaders used in the figure and props.

The whole set is loaded geographically correct. The panorama is a terrain model of a real location. The sunlight in it, and hence in the IBL as well as all materials is based on real sun position on the Spring Equinox at that location so the sun shines on the Hut just as it really would have on that day. Also the IBL and Spec lights are angled so they match the actual sun position: When you load it its already a realistic model of the real location.

This product is meant for use in Poser 6 and above: it uses procedural textures, material collection files, and there are no rsr thumbnails.
This product is no longer available for sale.
If you need to re-download a previous purchase, please Contact Us and we will be happy to provide a new download link.

Additional Product Images
Gamekeeper`s Hut (for Poser) Gamekeeper`s Hut (for Poser) Gamekeeper`s Hut (for Poser)

Customer Feedback
There is no customer feedback for this product yet.
If you would like to leave your own feedback, please Login or Become a Member (for free) and then purchase the product.

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Gallery Images Which Use This Product or Model
The Gamekeeper`s Hut
The Gamekeeper`s Hut

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