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Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: DigimationModelBank and dreamcutter
Downloadable File Size: 311 K (approx.)
Polygon Count: 6332 (approx.)
Uploaded on: 8/18/15
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Vue 2012 or higher
File Format: Vue d`Esprit
   This product contains: vob and/ or vue files.
Texturing: Combination
   This product uses a combination of image maps and procedural shaders for textures.
Note: since this product uses procedural textures, it may not work correctly in programs other the one listed above.
Readme File: Click Here
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Vue d`Esprit

Product Description
"Pharaohs Lighthouse" or the Lighthouse of Alexandria was built by the Ptolemaic Kingdom between 280 and 247 BC. Although no photos exist, its image appears on coins and Pharaohs lighthouse was described by Julius Caesar and other historical figures as being an immense marble block structure made in 3 sections with the lower being trapezoidal, then hexagon, and a round upper tower which was capped with a temple dome. The Pharaohs Lighthouse gained legendary status as it was said to rise to the heavens and was the home of Posideon but in reality it was only between 393 and 450 ft (120 and 137 m) tall. However its strategic significance was not overstated as it was fortified and situated on the island of Pharaohs bisecting Egypt`s two main harbours in the city of Alexandria.

The lighthouse included garrisons at the base and provided defence of the city. It is considered the one of tallest buildings of the ancient world although the Lighthouse of Alexandria (completed about 280 BC) was very tall, but its true height is not known and it is possible that structures in Asia were taller. Also, nearby stands the Great Pyramid in Egypt which was clearly the tallest structure in the world, but is not considered a liveable building. A series of 3 earthquakes ultimately destroyed the lighthouse in 1300`s until the foundation was revived in fifteenth century as the site for another prominent fortress, the "Citadel of Qaitbay" which stands to this day.

.: Product Features :.

• Vue vob file with with approx 6,332 polygons.
• Does not include any additional group information or parts.
• Colorized using Vue shaders and texture maps.

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Additional Product Images
Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue) Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue) Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue)
Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue) Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue) Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue)
Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue) Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue) Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue)
Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue) Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue) Pharaoh`s Lighthouse (for Vue)

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Gallery Images Which Use This Product or Model
Pharoah`s Lighthouse Day
Pharoah`s Lighthouse Day
Pharoah`s Lighthouse at Night
Pharoah`s Lighthouse at Night

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