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Kriss 45 (for Poser)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: EPICI
Downloadable File Size: 1.14 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: 2800 (approx.)
Uploaded on: 2/8/09
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, Poser 6 and above
File Format: Poser
   This product contains: cr2, pp2, pz2, and/ or other Poser files.
Texturing: Texture Maps
   This product uses image maps for textures.
Readme File: Click Here
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Product Description
Kriss45 .45 ACP (aka KRISS Super V)
The KRISS Super V System is the most significant advance in small arms automatic and semi-automatic weapon operating system design in more than 120 years. Developed in cooperation with the US Army`s Armament Research and Development Engineering Center ("ARDEC"), and with significant input from military and law enforcement special operations experts, the KRISS Super V system represents a quantum leap forward in the design and development of weapons technologies.

KRISS` unique design approach and technology targets directly the destabilizing physical forces inherent in pulling a trigger, igniting gunpowder and launching a kinetic package (e.g. multiple rounds) down range at hundreds of feet per second.

Specifically, KRISS Super V System re-vectors the felt recoil and muzzle climb forces generated by traditional operating systems in such a way that muzzle climb is virtually eliminated and felt recoil is reduced by 60-90% delivering previously unobtainable levels of weapon controllability.

The KRISS Vector SMG leverages state of the art technology to deliver the following tangible benefits to military and law enforcement professionals:

Reduced Muzzle Climb
The Kriss45 redirects the forces that cause traditional weapons to rotate vertically reducing muzzle climb by as much as 90% versus other SMGs.

Reduced Recoil
The Kriss45 technology and unique design approach reduces felt recoil by as much as 50% versus comparable SMGs.

Lighter and Tighter Weapons Package
The Kriss45 is designed using fewer and lighter components delivering rates of fire adjustable to between 800 1100 while simultaneously easing operator fatigue.

Increased Durability and Deployability
The Vector SMG`s robust design and properly toleranced operating action results in a highly reliable and rugged weapon that performs exceptionally well over time and in the full range of environments.
The KRISS Vector SMG delivers these benefits to military and law enforcement operators alike dramatically increasing their effectiveness within demanding tactical environments.

.: Product Features :.

Kriss45 is an articulated prop with:
  • parented silencer
  • parented surefire
  • parented EOTech
  • parented flare with "hide" morph
  • parented magazine with "empty" morph
  • parented gunstock (can open/close)
  • parented cartridge with 3 morphs to shot the bullet and eject the shell
  • morph for trigger
  • morph for selector
  • morph for safety
  • morph for extractor
  • addictional parented shell, useful to leave on the ground or put inside an emitter

    Included in this product:
  • 1 pose for Soldier01, Soldier02, Enemy01 and Michael 3
  • 1 hand pose for Soldier01, Soldier02, Enemy01 and Michael 3

    Characters shown in the images are NOT included.

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    Additional Product Images
    Kriss 45 (for Poser) Kriss 45 (for Poser) Kriss 45 (for Poser)

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