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Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio)

Product Specifications:
Offered By: ranman38
Downloadable File Size: 10.38 M (approx.)
Polygon Count: 146848 (approx.)
Uploaded on: 5/1/17
System Requirements: Windows/ Mac, DAZ Studio 4.9 or higher
File Format: DAZ Studio
   This product contains: duf, dsf and/ or other DAZ Studio files.
Texturing: Texture Maps
   This product uses image maps for textures.
Readme File: Click Here
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DAZ Studio

Product Description
This model depicts a fully poseable Jagdtiger. A self-propelled gun on the Pzkpfw VIb chassis

The history of the Jagdtiger began on 2/21/1943, where the subject of a heavy Sturmgeschütz mounting a 128 mm cannon was mentioned. The vehicle was meant to both assist infantry as well as being able to take out enemy armoured targets from a range of up to 3 km. Heavy armor was seen as more important than speed. Because of the experience on the eastern front, the vehicle was intended to have good cross-country abilities.
The 128 mm Pak 44 L/55 was elected to be used for the Jagdtiger. The size of the weapon, however, demanded a fixed superstructure instead of a turret. For this, a lengthened (40 cm.) Tiger II chassis was suggested and approved.

.: Product Features :.

• Includes one DAZ Prop (dsf, duf/ png), at 146,868 polygons.
• Accurately-moving treads with three pose dials on the Body to move them together or only the left or only the right.
• Opening/closing hatches including, with dials on the Body:
- Left and right rear engine hatches
- Driver hatch
- Radar operator hatch
• Main gun can elevate up and down.
• Left and right fender covers can raise and lower.
• BMG gun can elevate and rotate.
• Side skirts can be hidden or shown for scenes where the tank needs repairs.
• Morphs to flatten the left and right tracks behind the tank.

.: Textures/ Materials :.

• Three texture schemes/ materials:
- Basic
- Camo
- Snow

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Additional Product Images
Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio) Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio) Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio)
Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio) Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio) Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio)
Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio) Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio) Jagdtiger (for DAZ Studio)

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Gallery Images Which Use This Product or Model
Juin1944 La maintenance du tiger1 Ausf.E
Juin1944 La maintenance du tiger1 Ausf.E


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